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Why You Need an Idaho DUI Defense Attorney


Do you need a DUI defense attorney? It’s better to be safe than sorry. It’s best not to drink and drive because of the dangers to your life and the legal consequences of a DUI. However, sometimes, people ignore or forget this rule and run afoul of the law. If you drive under the influence and survive, you will most likely face criminal charges.

In criminal court, you have the right to represent yourself or hire an attorney to represent you. However, if you’ve ever been arrested for a DUI, it would be best to hire a Boise DUI attorney to defend you.

A DUI is a very severe offense in Idaho that carries strict punishments. Yet, many people are reluctant to get lawyers involved for various reasons. It could be that the police promised to be lenient if they talked without their DUI defense attorney. It could also be that they can’t pay an attorney. Whatever the reason, defending yourself against a DUI charge is dangerous and inadvisable.

4 Reasons Why You Need a DUI Lawyer

Below, we explain some reasons why getting a DUI attorney is the best choice you will make if the police arrest you for driving under the influence.

  • To Defend You in Court

Not all DUI arrests get to court. You may be lucky to have your charges dropped, or you may take a plea deal that lets you escape a trial. However, in those instances where the DA charges you to court, it would be best to have a Boise DUI defense attorney defend you. There are many defenses available for DUI arrestees, including:

  • Faulty field sobriety testing
  • Poor storage and testing of blood alcohol samples
  • Violations of evidence rules
  • Improper stops
  • Proving that you weren’t in control of the car

These defenses appear easy, but they’re quite challenging to establish. Only an excellent DUI defense attorney can accurately apply these defenses to get you acquitted or reduce your charges.

  • To Protect You From the Police

It’s often shocking for many DUI arrestees to learn that they need protection from the police. This is especially so for those who believe that the law is their friend. While this is sometimes true, the police can often be your enemy, especially with DUIs.

The police don’t always play fair when it concerns DUIs. For instance, they may have stopped you initially without reasonable suspicion. They may not have been patient enough to check for multiple intoxication indicators. Furthermore, the entire case may result from the officer’s confirmation bias. Whichever way, it would help to have a DUI defense attorney in Boise looking out for you during the charging process.

  • To Give You Legal Advice

If the Idaho police arrest you for a DUI, you need the advice of an experienced Boise DUI defense attorney if you will escape a conviction. The reality is that if you’re not a lawyer, you certainly cannot have sufficient legal knowledge to make meaningful decisions. This is where a lawyer comes in.

For instance, we would like to tell you that you can win every DUI case; however, this isn’t so. Often, there are nearly impossible cases to win because of your conduct and the evidence the prosecution has gathered. An excellent DUI attorney in Boise can advise you to accept a plea deal to escape the maximum sentence in such cases. Many DUI attorneys even offer free consultations on issues, so why not get one?

  • The Technical Nature of Idaho DUI Trials

DUI trials are more complex than those of other lighter offenses. Putting up a good DUI defense requires experience in certain specialized areas of the law. These specialist fields include criminal law, evidence law, and constitutional law.

Furthermore, the person needs considerable scientific knowledge to challenge the police’s tests to determine intoxication. These would include field sobriety tests and blood alcohol tests. The chances are high that you have zero knowledge in any of these fields as an arrestee. However, it shouldn’t be an issue if you hire a lawyer.

Hire Boise DUI Lawyers To Defend You

A DUI charge is a terrifying experience. You can wriggle out of some crimes without a lawyer in Idaho; however, DUIs aren’t one of them. Without a lawyer, the DA will most likely convict you and get you the harshest sentences.

If the police arrest you, you deserve the most vigorous and dedicated defense available. Boise DUI lawyers can provide this kind of representation. Our attorneys have dedicated their lives to getting justice for Idaho residents charged with DUIs. Therefore, we’re confident that we can adequately defend you too. So, call us today for a consultation on your case.