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Driver Charged With Misdemeanor DUI After Gas Station Crash


A driver was charged with misdemeanor DUI after he crashed his vehicle into a gas station. The man fled the scene of the crash following the incident and was later arrested from his residence.

According to the details shared by the Idaho Falls Police Department, the incident took place on Saturday, March 7. At around noon, a vehicle in Idaho Falls pulled into the parking of a gas station. Instead of stopping in the parking of the gas station which is located on the Grandview Drive, the driver crashed directly into the wall. Following the crash, the driver reversed the vehicle and then fled the site of the accident.

No one was injured in the incident although a wall at the gas station incurred some damage. A portion of the wall buckled following the collision. Some shelves, and the merchandise placed on them, was also knocked down by the crash.

A witness was present when the crash took place at the Shaka’s Country Lane gas station. The witness, Aaron Robinson, who is a resident at Idaho Falls, was able to note down the license plate number of the vehicle involved in the crash. Robinson reported the incident to the police along with the license plate number and other details.

The police began to look for the vehicle driven by the 36-year-old suspect. They located the vehicle at the residence of the driver who had just pulled into the driveway. By this time, the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office was also involved in the case and deputies with the Sheriff’s Office accompanied the police officers when they approached the suspect.

The suspect was then asked to undergo a sobriety test which he failed. He was taken into custody. He was charged with misdemeanor DUI as well as cited for leaving the scene of an accident involving damage.

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