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Veterinary License Defense in Boise, ID

Veterinarians could find themselves facing disciplinary action anytime that a complaint such as a malpractice report is filed with the state board of veterinary examiners. If you have been accused of professional misconduct as a veterinarian, securing an experienced and reliable veterinary license defense lawyer in Boise, Idaho is the most important and first thing you should do. Complaints such as malpractice can result in suspension or revocation of your veterinary license, so don’t delay.

In the state of Idaho, the state board of veterinary medical examiners along with the state licensing agency are responsible for responding to complaints, evaluating any potential violations and even uncover crimes committed while carrying out the duties and responsibilities of a veterinarian or vet tech. Complaints may be filed by any interested party – pet owners, co-workers, or any other party with a connection to the practice and/or the event in question. A complaint will trigger the start of an investigation which will first work to determine the claim’s validity, and then, if true, its severity.

Many people believe that they can face an investigation into their activities or ethics on their own – especially if the claim seems unfounded or untrue. However, this is not a wise approach. Investigations such as these place your veterinary license and by extension your entire career at risk – even an unfounded claim carries this risk. For this reason, an experienced Boise, ID veterinary license defense attorney is recommended for anyone going through this process.

Common Complaints Seen by Veterinary License Defense Lawyers in Boise Idaho

Veterinary doctors and vet techs can find themselves the object of quite a bit of scrutiny when it comes to observing the ethical code of veterinarians, and adhering to appropriate practices. The work of veterinarians falls under the purview of the Idaho state board of veterinary medicine, the organization responsible for issuing licenses and processing complaints.

As mentioned, a complaint against a veterinarian or a vet tech could be filed by nearly anyone. Some of the common types of complaints the veterinary license defense lawyers here at the Boise DUI Guy see frequently include:

  • Criminal activity
  • Negligence
  • Practicing veterinary medicine without a license, or practicing beyond the scope of the certification.
  • Impairment issues such as practicing while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Failure to maintain adequate records.
  • Drug diversion or prescription fraud.
  • Managerial issues, such as failing to supervise staff.

Once the complaint has been lodged, the state board will begin an investigation to determine the validity of the claim. Based upon the action’s severity, disciplinary action may be suggested. In certain cases, the disciplinary actions taken by the board will not prevent you from practicing veterinary medicine – but in some cases, the investigator will recommend a license suspension or revocation.

The consequences, then, of any complaint against you are potentially devastating. Attempting to “go it alone” and defend yourself – even if you know the accusation is false or the charges are minor – could well end your career. No matter how frivolous the charges or how untrue the claim, contact a veterinary license defense lawyer today. The veterinary license defense attorneys at the Boise DUI Guy have the knowledge and experience necessary to provide you with the best possible defense.

The Investigation Process in a Veterinary License Defense Case

After the state board receives a complaint, an investigator will be assigned to the case, and their first job is to determine whether the claim is valid. In many cases, the investigator will discover that the case has no merit, a letter will be sent to the complainant to this effect, and no further investigation is done.

Should an initial investigation determine that there is evidence to suggest the complaint is reasonable, the state board will launch the investigation in earnest to gather all possible information. It is at this point that veterinarians and vet techs at the clinic will be asked to provide statements. If you are asked, it is vital that you do not speak to the investigators before you consult with a veterinary license defense lawyer like those at the Boise DUI Guy first.

Within 30 days of the case being assigned to an investigator, the veterinarian or tech will receive a letter containing all the details of the allegations against them. At this time, consulting with a veterinary license defense lawyer is highly recommended. Speaking to the investigator on your own, without the help of a veterinary license defense lawyer, could cause you to incriminate yourself. It does not harm your case to refuse to communicate with investigators until you have consulted with a veterinary license defense lawyer.

After the process of investigation is complete, the investigator will prepare a review citing evidence, the laws or rules violated, and the violation’s specifics. A hearing before the state board of veterinary examiners may be scheduled at this time, and licenses may be summarily suspended or revoked at this time as well.

Our Veterinary License Defense Experience

Here at the Boise DUI Guy, we understand the dedication and work that you put into getting your veterinary medical license. Our veterinary license defense lawyers are on your side, and will aggressively fight to protect your license, your career, and your reputation. Having an attorney on your side can alleviate much of the stress of being under investigation.

Our veterinary license defense lawyers have ample experience defending professionals of many kinds, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, lawyers, real estate agents, and, of course, veterinarians. Our lawyers will help you with the state investigation into the complaint, represent you at any administrative law judge or state board hearings, restoring a suspended license, problems renewing a license, and other items including prior convictions of crimes.

Get a Veterinary License Defense Lawyer Today – Call the Boise DUI Guy

When you are accused of a professional violation as a veterinarian or vet tech, including malpractice complaints, the road is long and goes through many twists and turns. Navigating this route on your own, especially while still practicing, can quickly result in a more serious, messier situation.

Everything you have could be on the line, including your livelihood and your financial security. Don’t leave your defense to chance, even if the charges are minor, even if the charges are unfounded. Work with a veterinary license defense lawyer in Boise Idaho.

The Boise DUI Guy’s veterinary license defense attorneys know what it takes to best represent you in your investigation. We have assisted many veterinarians, vet techs, and others through the years in their license defense cases, and we will be happy to hear your story, examine your case, and recommend the best path forward in your veterinary license defense case. We will represent you before the state board in necessary hearings, advise you as to the potential consequences in every part of the investigative process, and will always make our primary goal seeing these charges dropped and getting you back to work as a veterinarian.

If you have been accused of professional misconduct as a veterinarian, or have been accused of another crime which is threatening your license to practice veterinary medicine, don’t delay: contact the Boise DUI Guy today, and let our team of Idaho professional license defense lawyers go to work to protect your career today.


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