Professional License Defense Lawyer

Professional License Defense in Boise, ID

When you’ve worked hard to complete your education – you’ve finished med school, law school, or another post-grad program. You’ve passed all your licensing exams, and you’re the proud holder of a professional license. However, all of that could be called into question if you find yourself the product of an investigation for professional misconduct, white collar crime, or another offense. Charges like these can ruin careers, reputations, and finances, so it goes without saying that you should consult with a professional license defense lawyer in Boise, ID as soon as you possibly can.

If you find yourself under investigation, with your professional license at risk of being suspended or revoked, it is imperative that you contact a professional license defense attorney in Boise as soon as you can. Working with a professional license defense lawyer could make the difference between seeing your license protected and the charges dropped, or never practicing your career again.

Lawyers, accountants, healthcare professionals, and other licensed professionals can benefit from the services of a professional license lawyer.

Here at the Boise DUI Guy, we are dedicated to the legal defense of all professionals, from physicians and pharmacists to accountants and attorneys. Our clients have included chiropractors, massage therapists, real estate agents, cosmetologists, and even real estate agents. For any licensed professional, we are the attorneys of choice for professional license defense in Boise, ID.

If you are facing a complaint or investigation by a professional licensing authority, this is a serious issue that requires a serious response. In many cases, licensed professionals may be unaware of the grave implications of a professional licensing action if it is taken. The goal of our professional license defense attorneys is to guide you through the entire process, minimizing the potential for negative impact on your practice and your professional license.

The Complaint Process for Professional License Defense in Boise, ID

The process of administrative complaints begins when the complaint is filed. This filing could be done by a former patient, former client, colleague, or any other interested person. The state licensing agency with whom the complaint is filed will assign an investigator who generally will have nothing more than just the complaint, to begin with. This investigator will either call or write to try to arrange a meeting. You may be tempted to meet as soon as possible, but use caution: before you meet with an investigator, it is imperative that you consult with a professional license defense lawyer near Boise. Contact the Boise DUI Guy today to speak to one of our professional license defense attorneys about your situation. Often, the time frame within which you are able to evaluate the issue with your lawyer is very short before a formal complaint is filed or an administrative hearing is scheduled.

It is very common for licensed professionals to attempt to resolve these professional licensing complaints on their own, especially for a claim that is not valid. Even though there may be no validity to the complaint, the risk to your license and career by far outweighs the costs involved in working with an attorney.

Impact of Criminal Convictions on a Professional License

When faced with the possibility of a criminal prosecution, it is important to pay special attention to the potential impact that a plea agreement or a judgment will have on your ability to continue practicing. Some criminal convictions need to be self-reported to your state licensing board, while others may not need to be reported. Some convictions could lead to an immediate license suspension, while others may lead to an administrative complaint. If someone has accused you of a crime, or if you have recently been convicted of a crime, it is vital that you contact a professional license defense lawyer at Boise DUI Guy today to discuss what you need to do to protect your license.

Activities that Risk Your Professional License

There are a number of illicit activities which can place a professional license at serious risk. These activities constitute professional misconduct when they are performed at your place of work with a client or with a patient. These activities can include white-collar crimes like fraud or embezzlement, but can also include a number of other illegal activities. Some of the common activities which place professional licenses at risk include:

  • Practicing while under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Possessing a controlled substance in the workplace
  • Medical malpractice
  • Insurance fraud
  • Theft
  • Assault, abuse, or other violent offenses.
  • Illegally prescribing narcotics

If you have been charged with any of these activities, it is vital that you consult with a professional license defense lawyer right away. The professional license defense attorneys at the Boise DUI Guy know the Idaho laws relating to professional licenses and will guide you through the entire process, from the pre-accusation stage, through the formal administrative hearing, handling all aspects of negotiation and working toward a settlement.

Please contact the Boise DUI Guy offices if you have been charged with any offense which could result in losing your professional license. You have rights – and your rights must be protected.

Our Professional License Defense Experience

Here at the Boise DUI guy, we understand and appreciate the hard work that goes into attaining and keeping a professional license. As such, our professional license defense lawyers will always fight aggressively to protect the reputation, assets, license, and career of our client. We can help you alleviate the stress associated with defending your professional license, particularly against an unfounded or frivolous claim. Our professional license defense attorneys serving Boise work every day with licensed professionals to ensure that they don’t risk their careers.

Our professional license defense lawyers have experience defending professionals like yourself against administrative complaints, state audits or state investigations, administrative law judge hearings, license suspension orders, state board hearings, issues with licensing renewal, reporting convictions tot he licensing board and other issues which impact the status of your professional license.

If you have received any communication from the Idaho licensing board, or if you are aware of any investigation into your professional conduct, it is very important that you contact one of our professional license defense lawyers right away. We can examine your case, help you determine the best route forward and if needed, represent you at your hearing or before the licensing board. Our professional license defense attorneys work with licensed professionals like yourself from all around the Boise, Idaho region. We know how hard you have worked to obtain your license, and we will work just as hard to ensure that you protect it.

While you hold a professional license, you should be aware of the potential violations you have been accused of. These violations can be ethical or procedural in nature, and a complaint can be filed by anyone. Following the complaint, an investigation will be performed by the board’s investigation team. The investigator will determine whether the complaint is valid and whether disciplinary measures should be taken.

Your professional license defense attorney at the Boise DUI guy will be there to assist you and guide the investigation, to advocate for you, and to protect your professional license. We will advise you as to what actions you should take, which you should avoid, and will fight every day to see that your reputation is protected. If you are facing a professional license dispute, contact the Boise DUI Guy today.


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