Medical License Defense Lawyer

Medical License Defense in Boise, ID

Here at the Boise DUI Guy, we are dedicated to representing the best interests of medical professionals including physicians who have been accused of medical malpractice, health law violations, medical licensing issues, and criminal charges. Our experienced team of medical license defense lawyers serves Boise, Idaho medical professionals every day who are facing disciplinary action, appealing licensure applications, facing claims of negligence, and other issues which place their medical licenses, livelihoods, and financial security at risk. Our medical license defense attorneys have extensive knowledge relating to the state regulations regarding medical licensure and are prepared to help physicians like you defend their licenses against actions taken by the board of medicine, the administrative courts, and the state licensing divisions.

Here at the Boise DUI Guy, we understand the hard work you’ve put in to become a physician, and we most certainly understand the potential negative impact that disciplinary action can have on your career, both in the short term and for many years after. The Boise DUI Guy’s medical license defense lawyers fight aggressively to defend medical professionals who are facing disciplinary actions to protect their reputation, assets, career, and license. In addition, working with a medical license defense attorney can alleviate the stress that comes from having to defend your medical license.

Common Accusations Our Medical License Defense Lawyers Can Help With

Drug Diversion – Accusation of drug diversion can range from misappropriation of medication to theft to errors in the Pyxis system. Regardless of whether allegations of drug diversion are true or not, physicians need to speak to a medical license defense lawyer immediately to properly address allegations of drug diversion. These allegations can lead to the suspension or revocation of your medical license, and worse, could lead to criminal charges. Here at the Boise DUI Guy, our medical license defense lawyers have represented many physicians, pharmacists, nurses, and other healthcare professionals in defending against drug diversion accusations. If you have been accused of drug diversion, however minor or severe the charges, and whether or not they are true, contact a medical license defense attorney immediately. In many cases, we are able to help you resolve the problem before any sort of disciplinary action is taken against you. In cases involving drug diversion, many medical professionals are faced with the prospect of entering the highly restrictive and invasive state impairment program – do not agree to this program without first speaking with one of our medical license defense attorneys, as the program may not ultimately be necessary for you.

DUI – Unfortunately for medical professionals, a DUI could be a career-ending infraction if it isn’t handled properly. Many physicians have seen their medical licenses revoked because of DUI charges, and still, more are subjected to invasive, expensive, and lengthy monitoring at the hands of the state impairment programs. As in the case of drug diversion, do not agree to enter an impairment program before you have consulted a medical license defense attorney at the Boise DUI Guy. Our lawyers will work hard to protect your medical license and your ability to continue your practice without restrictions and monitoring requirements. Our medical license defense lawyers have represented physicians who have been charged with DUI, and physicians who have prior DUI charges on their records and are facing disciplinary action as a result.

Failing Drug Tests – For any medical professional, failing a drug test is a serious issue that usually results in being reported to the state medical board, who will certainly seek disciplinary action up to and including immediate license suspension. For this reason, it is vital that any physician who believes they may have failed a drug test should contact a medical license defense lawyer right away. Many physicians volunteer to enter the restrictive impairment programs, or worse, surrender their hard-earned medical license without speaking with a medical license defense lawyer in Boise. Our attorneys have helped many physicians and nurses who are facing charges of using illicit drugs or abusing prescription medications to keep their medical licenses intact.

License Suspensions – There are many reasons that a medical license may be suspended, including failing drug tests, failure to comply with impairment programs, drug convictions, fraud convictions, probation violations, and even non-payment of student loans. Our medical license defense lawyers have helped many medical professionals see suspended licenses restored, so if your license has been suspended, speak with a medical license defense lawyer at the Boise DUI Guy today. There is a very small window of time during which you may challenge a medical license suspension, so don’t delay.

Criminal Charges – Our team of medical license defense lawyers helps medical professionals who are facing current criminal charges as well as those who have prior criminal convictions they need to report. In addition, our attorneys can also help obtain a medical license if you have a criminal history. Physicians can find themselves facing disciplinary action if they have failed to report a criminal conviction in a timely manner. Our team of medical license defense lawyers will work to advise you as to the best course of action to see your license granted, restored, or protected (as the case may be). In most cases, a criminal conviction doesn’t automatically preclude you from holding a medical license, but there is a delicate balance between reporting the necessary information, assuring the board that you are safe to continue practicing, and sharing unnecessary information which could have a negative impact on your license. A medical license defense lawyer can help you to achieve this balance.

Other Issues Regarding Medical Licenses

Trouble Obtaining a Medical License – Our medical license defense lawyers often help medical students and doctors who have prior disciplinary issues or criminal histories to obtain a medical license. The process of obtaining a medical license with a prior conviction or previous sanctions can take longer, but in most cases, the issues do not prohibit an individual from obtaining a license. Our medical license defense lawyers serving Boise, Idaho can help in managing these issues throughout the application process and in hearings before the medical board, helping you to obtain the license you have worked so hard for.

Whatever the issue you may be facing, and whatever the allegations against you may be, here at the Boise DUI Guy, we understand how hard you have worked to get where you are. Whether your current medical license is at risk, your license has been revoked or suspended, or you’re working to obtain a medical license with issues in your past, you should contact our medical license defense lawyers right away. The Boise DUI Guy can help you determine the best route forward, and if needed we will represent you before the medical board or before the administrative law judge. Don’t try to defend your medical license alone – trust a medical license defense attorney who knows the laws and regulations of our state and will fight aggressively every day to protect what you’ve worked so hard for.

If you are under investigation, have a complaint, have failed a drug test, or have any other issue regarding a medical license, don’t delay, and don’t take matters into your own hands. Contact the Boise DUI Guy today and let our professional license defense lawyers help you.


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