How to Beat a Marijuana DUI

The best way to beat a marijuana DUI charge is not to drive high, but everyone makes mistakes, and Trilogy Law Group is here to help you recover without judgment.

Consequences for Driving High in Idaho

Marijuana is still illegal in Idaho and has some of the strictest laws and punishments in the United States. If you are found driving under the influence of marijuana in Idaho, the consequences can be serious. 

First Offense

The first offense can result in incarceration for up to six months, a maximum fine of $1,000, and a license suspension of 90-180 days.

Second Offense (Within 10 Years)

The second offense can result in incarceration for ten days and a year, a maximum fine of $2,000, and license suspension for at least a year. License suspension begins after the incarceration period ends. The state may install an ignition interlock device on the person’s vehicle.

Third Offense (Within 10 Years)

A third offense within ten years is classified as a felony. Incarceration is mandatory, with a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of five years. A maximum fine of $5,000 may be incurred. The offender’s license will be suspended for 1-5 years, and the state may install an ignition interlock device in the individual’s vehicle.

Building a Defense

It is nearly impossible to beat a DUI charge without the help of an attorney. Attempting to represent yourself will most likely end badly, and you may inadvertently dig yourself into deeper trouble than what you started with.

Your best chance at avoiding incarceration for driving under the influence of marijuana is finding an attorney who knows their way around DUI laws in Idaho. With experience and knowledge of precedent, a dedicated attorney stands a much better chance of relieving you of your DUI charges.

Your attorney can potentially get the case dismissed outright if the arresting officer did anything that did not follow protocol. The legal system is incredibly complex, and your attorney may be aware of laws that can invalidate the officer’s report.

Your attorney can also handle all communications with your insurance company, which can help to prevent you from accidentally giving the insurance adjuster ammunition to hurt you. Your attorney may even advise you not to take the stand, because you may inadvertently say something that further incriminates you.

Finding the Right Attorney for Your Boise DUI Case

If you have been arrested in Boise, Idaho, for driving under the influence, you may feel embarrassed, overwhelmed, and reluctant to ask for help. However, without the assistance of an experienced attorney, a DUI conviction could cause consequences that haunt you for the rest of your life.

Trilogy Law Group has extensive experience in the realm of Idaho DUIs and is ready to hear your story today without judgment. We offer free case reviews so you can understand your options. Call us today at 208-968-9060 to see what Trilogy Law Group can do for you.

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