Dental License Defense Lawyer

Dental License Defense in Boise, ID

As a practicing dentist in Boise, ID, you must serve your patients every day with exceptional precision, excellent care, and technical and medical expertise in order to provide them with the best possible results. You’ve worked very hard to get where you are, but one bad day, one misstep, or one misunderstanding can risk it all. If you have been accused of professional misconduct or learn that you are being investigated by the state board of dentistry, you need legal assistance to protect your rights, your license, your livelihood, and potentially your freedom.  Here at the Boise DUI Guy, our dental license defense lawyers will work hard to help you during the investigation, at any administrative or state board hearings, and wherever else our services are required in order to help you preserve your future and protect your license.

Why Hire a Dental License Defense Lawyer in Boise Idaho

Many professionals faced with a complaint or investigation, including dental professionals like yourself, believe they can deal with the issue of the threat to their license on their own – especially if you believe the claim is without merit. However, remember that your license and your career are at risk in this case – no matter how frivolous the claim may seem, you should never attempt to defend yourself against allegations of misconduct without the help of a dental defense attorney in Boise, ID.

Since the Idaho State Board of Dentistry is a government organization, you can imagine that dealing with them can be a nightmare if you don’t know the law inside and out. Maneuvering through the seemingly endless list of administrative rules, legal procedures, and mountains of paperwork can be a daunting task for anyone. In addition, if the regulations aren’t followed to the letter, your license is at risk. In order to best ensure that the complex legal processes are adhered to, you should consult a dental license defense lawyer like those at the Boise DUI Guy before moving forward. Our lawyers know the laws and regulations around every state licensing agency, including the board of dentistry, and will help you to navigate it correctly.

DUI Charges and Your Dental License

Having a new DUI Charge, or a previous DUI charge on your record can make renewing or obtaining a dentistry license more challenging. Dentists in Idaho are required to report any criminal convictions, including DUI, to the state board before they apply to renew their license – sometimes significantly before. If you are trying to get a dental license for the first time, then any convictions you may have, including DUI, must be included and disclosed on your application. Given this information, the state board of dentistry will review every application individually and will assess your application on its own strengths and flaws, making a decision accordingly.

For those who already hold a dental license, a DUI conviction could have serious consequences for your license if not addressed properly. In order to ensure the best chance of keeping your practice, you need to address not only the licensing issues regarding your administrative hearing but also the legal trouble that comes with having a new DUI conviction, including hefty fines and potential jail time.

Whatever your situation, it is vital that you have a dental license defense lawyer on your side in Boise. Your attorney understands the most effective way to mount your defense and protect your livelihood.

Administrative Hearings and Your Dental License Defense

Once a complaint has been lodged with the state board of dentistry, the board will initially respond to the investigation by conducting an investigation. If the investigation finds that the case has merit, you and your dental license defense lawyer may be able to enter negotiations to minimize the disciplinary action taken. These negotiations often include a determination of your dental license’s status.

If the state board decides to file a formal complaint against you, the case will then proceed to a formal hearing before an administrative law judge. This hearing will include motions made by both the defense and the prosecutor, the presentation of evidence, and both sides will argue their case. In a formal hearing, as in a trial, the defendant (that is, the dentist) is innocent until proven guilty – so the burden of proof lies with the state.

It is imperative that you work with a dental license defense lawyer during every part of an investigation and hearing. Your dental license defense attorney will compile all relevant documents, and examine the facts. Your attorney will make suggestions as to the best route forward – and this includes, in some cases, some admission of guilt on your part in exchange for a reduced penalty.

Sexual Misconduct by Dental Professionals

Unfortunately, one of the common complaints seen in regards to dental professionals is that of sexual misconduct, which includes sexual assault and any other behavior that is deemed inappropriate, performed in the course of your work as a dentist, or outside of work entirely. Sexual misconduct allegations are very serious, and if convicted the penalties are severe -including potentially losing your license.

Drug Abuse Charges and Dental Professional

Unfortunately, drug abuse is another common complaint experienced by dental professionals. Any dentist suspected of using or abusing illicit drugs, either at work or at home, may be reported to the state board of dentistry. Moreover, nearly anyone can make a complaint – and this includes patients, co-workers, friends, and even family. If you have been abusing one or more substances and find yourself in his position, reach out to an experienced dental license defense lawyer at the Boise DUI Guy right away.

The knowledgeable attorneys here at the Boise DUI Guy have the experience necessary with dental license defense. We know the laws and rules surrounding the various state agencies, and will work tirelessly to protect your reputation and your license.

Our Dental License Defense Experience

Here at the Boise DUI Guy, we know that professionals like yourself have put in years of hard work to get where you are. As a result, our dental license defense attorneys will fight aggressively to see that your reputation, your assets, and your career are all protected. Working with a dental license defense lawyer can help reduce the stress of the situation as well, especially in a claim that is without merit. Our dental license defense attorneys in Boise Idaho work every day with professionals like yourself to ensure that your career lasts you a long, long time.

Our dental license defense lawyers have successfully helped professionals just like yourself to defend against administrative complaints, state audits, state investigations, the state board or administrative law judge hearings, issues with obtaining or renewing a license, reporting prior convictions, and other issues which can impact your ability to get or retain your dental license.

If you have received any correspondence from the Idaho State Board of Dentistry, or if you learn that you are being investigated due to conduct allegations, contact one of our dental license defense lawyers serving Boise right away. Your attorney will help you to examine your case, advise you as the best path forward, and if necessary, represent you at hearings before the state board or in a court of law. Our dental license defense lawyers work with many different licensed professionals all around the Boise region, so we are perfectly equipped to help you with your dental license defense.

Don’t take your dental license defense into your own hands. Contact a professional license defense attorney at Boise DUI Guy today.


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