Idaho Excessive DUI Laws

Idaho Excessive DUI Laws

Idaho harshly prosecutes driving under the influence (DUI), amplifying the consequences for drivers deemed to have an excessive blood alcohol content (BAC). Excessive DUI charges carry a slew of penalties, like hefty fines, jail time, and a lengthy license suspension. 

Our trusted attorneys at Trilogy Law Group focus on complex DUI cases, combining our extensive experience, honed argumentative skills, and deep knowledge to fight for our client’s future in the courtroom. Our successful strategies have helped countless clients lessen or lose their DUI charges and penalties. 

If you’re ready to learn more about Idaho’s excessive DUI laws and your best next steps in fighting your charge, we’re here to help.

What Are Idaho’s Excessive DUI Laws?

Standard DUI laws in Idaho state that an individual may not have a BAC of 0.08 percent or higher. For drivers whose BAC level falls far beyond that threshold, additional penalties will apply. Idaho applies excessive DUI laws to individuals with a BAC of 0.20 or over. 

The consequences that an excessive DUI charge in Idaho can carry include:

BAC is most often calculated when an officer pulls over a suspected impaired driver. The arresting officer may use a Breathalyzer machine to calculate the BAC, or they may take the driver to retrieve a blood sample to test. Both options are trusted, tried-and-true methods for taking someone’s BAC, but Breathalyzers are slightly less accurate in reading, and the results may differ in accuracy based on user error. 

The accuracy of the Breathalyzer is one potential approach a lawyer may take in order to argue against a DUI charge. To avoid the harsh penalties granted to excessive DUI convictions, connect with a skilled DUI defense attorney early and build your case. 

How a Lawyer Can Challenge Excessive DUI Charges

Skilled defense attorneys have a variety of strategies, and their specific approaches will differ based on the details of your specific case. One option your lawyer may pursue is getting your charge dismissed based on a lack of evidence. If your attorney can prove that your recorded BAC was inaccurate based on user error or machine malfunction, your excessive DUI penalty may be reduced or dismissed. 

Your attorney may also argue for your charge to be dismissed if the arresting officer lacked probable cause when pulling you over or testing your BAC. If you were pulled over for a milder offense like expired license plates instead of impaired driving, your lawyer may argue you were not driving under the influence and the officer lacked justification for believing you were.

Your attorney may also attempt to compel the judge emotionally, highlighting positive ways you’ve acted since the arrest. If you’ve pursued rehabilitation or taken other steps to move forward and learn from what happened, the judge may feel compelled to offer a lighter sentence and reduce the excessive DUI penalty. 

Talk to a Trusted Idaho DUI Defense Lawyer

At Trilogy Law Group, we tailor our proven strategies to best suit your unique circumstance and charge. We offer top-notch support to our clients every step of the way, putting in the hard work necessary to provide the best defense in the courtroom as we advocate for your future. 

If you’re ready to connect with a skilled lawyer about how to avoid excessive DUI penalties, we’re ready to help. Give us a call at 208-968-9060 or fill in our online form below for a consultation today.

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