Boise DUI Conviction: How to Cope With Life After the Fact

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious crime in Boise, Idaho. So, if you’re arrested for one, it’s essential to see your DUI attorney immediately. A DUI conviction can linger on a person’s record. They will access your case and put in the best defenses for you. The defense will aim at your acquittal or have the court dismiss your case.

Sometimes, however, some DUI cases are so bad that they’ll result in a conviction even with the best defense lawyers. In such cases, your attorneys will plead for the least possible punishment. Regardless of the punishment, though, DUI convictions are scary. It may seem like the end of the world for many convicts.

This article will show you how a DUI conviction affects different aspects of your life. However, we’ll focus more on how you can live above your conviction and still have a beautiful life. Yes, it’s possible to live a happy life after a conviction, and with determination, every DUI convict can achieve it.

Will a DUI Conviction Ruin My Life?

A DUI conviction in Boise, Idaho, wouldn’t ruin your life unless you allow it to. However, it can impact your life in the following ways:

  • Legal Consequences

There are several legal consequences of drunk driving in Boise, Idaho. It all depends on how serious your case is and whether you’ve had previous DUI convictions. The punishments for DUI include a suspended license, fines, Ignition Interlock Device (IID) installation, and even jail time.

  • Reputation

A DUI conviction can affect your standing in society. People may no longer view you as responsible or trustworthy. A bruised reputation will affect your business and your professional licensing.

  • Finances

There are many ways a DUI conviction will affect your finances. Your auto insurance rates will go up, and you may have to pay DUI fines. Getting an IID installation costs money, and so does getting your impounded vehicle back. A DUI conviction can affect your work, too, especially if you drive for a living.

  • Personal Relationships

A DUI conviction can strain your relationship with your spouse, children, friends, and other acquaintances. The stress on your finances can crumble your personal relationships.

How Do I Bounce Back After a Boise DUI Conviction?

You can decide to live a better life and put a DUI conviction behind you in the following ways:

  • Accept the Reality of Your Conviction

The first step to bouncing back after a conviction is to accept the situation and its implications. Living in denial will only make things worse and take you farther away from your restoration. You are in a better position to chart a new course for your life when you’re realistic.

  • Get Professional Help

If you’re dealing with alcoholism or drug abuse problems, it’s time to get treatment. This will ensure that you don’t repeat your DUI offense. Numerous alcohol rehab centers can help you overcome your problems. You can also consider registering in a support group.

  • Enlist Support From Loved Ones

One mistake DUI convicts make is isolating themselves out of shame and embarrassment. However, that is never the way to go. It would help if you had all the support you could get at this time. Reaching out to people who love you is the best way to gather all the emotional assistance you need.

  • Find a Steady Job

If you don’t have a job, finding one should become a priority after your conviction. After a conviction, getting a steady job can be challenging but possible. You may want to avoid applying for positions that require you to drive. Also, be honest with your potential employer about your records and how much you’ve turned a new leaf.

  • Find a Hobby and Create New Goals

Developing new and positive habits can help to take your mind off alcohol. Channeling your energy into achieving new goals will significantly change your life for the better.

  • Avoid Bad Influences

Cut off from friends that will encourage your old drinking habits. Avoid parties and places that will tempt you to drink alcohol.

Get Help From Experienced DUI Attorneys Right Now!

Are you facing a DUI charge in Boise, Idaho? Then you’re at risk of steep penalties. The only way to handle your situation is by hiring experienced lawyers to put up the best defense on your behalf.

No one does DUI defense like our DUI lawyers at the Trilogy Law Group. We handle even the toughest DUI cases and ensure an acquittal or dismissal for our clients. In the worst-case scenario, we’ll ensure that you get away with the mildest punishment possible. Contact us immediately.

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