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What is the Chance of Getting a DUI Reduced to Reckless Driving?


Driving under the influence (DUI) and getting a DUI conviction can have lifelong consequences. From fines, prison time, and license suspensions to difficulty pursuing higher education or certain careers, the effects of a DUI conviction are severe and lingering. 

A skilled DUI defense attorney may get the charge reduced to reckless driving, a less serious charge that carries lighter penalties. 

At Trilogy Law Group, our attorneys are dedicated to helping Idaho residents facing DUI charges. We know how a conviction will affect your future, and we combine our experience and strong defenses to best fight for your future. If you’re ready to talk to a DUI lawyer and learn more about the chance of getting a DUI charge reduced to reckless driving, we’re here to help.

What’s a DUI Charge in Idaho?

In Idaho, it’s against the law to operate a vehicle with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08 percent or over. BAC is the amount of alcohol within a person’s system and can be measured using a Breathalyzer. If an impaired driver is pulled over and found to be driving under the influence through a Breathalyzer or field sobriety test, they will be charged with a DUI.

DUI charges differ in severity based on the individual’s age, the number of past offenses, the BAC level, and whether any injuries or property damages were caused. Depending on these factors, the charge may be handled as a misdemeanor or felony. 

Possible penalties may include: 

Individuals with DUI convictions on their records may struggle with feelings of shame and anxiety as they face the consequences a charge can have even after the prison sentence has been served or fines have been paid. Convicted people may struggle to attend work or school with their lack of driving privileges, and may face difficulty seeking future opportunities. 

A DUI conviction on your record will stick for a long time, so it’s crucial to partner with an experienced attorney as early as possible and fight to get the charge lowered to reckless driving. 

What’s a Reckless Driving Charge in Idaho?

reckless driving charge is a lighter criminal charge that applies to unsafe driving. If the driver was impaired, the charge may be denoted as a wet reckless driving charge, but will still not appear as a DUI on the driver’s record. 

Penalties may include shorter jail sentences and fines. A reckless driving charge will not carry the same limitations for prospects as a DUI conviction would carry. 

A reckless driving charge is a common reduced charge for individuals facing a DUI. Though it’s not guaranteed, working with a strategic, skilled attorney boosts your chances of getting your DUI reduced to reckless driving. 

Reduce Your Charges with a DUI Lawyer’s Aid 

At Trilogy Law Group, we’ve helped countless clients reduce their DUI charges to reckless driving charges. We’re backed by decades of experience and we’ve honed our successful strategies to best support our clients in need. 

If you’re ready to learn more about how we can help you reduce your DUI charge and protect your future in the courtroom, reach out. You can call us at (208) 415-9943 or fill in our online form below to learn more about our services.