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DUI Arrests: Making Them Less Complicated


DUI defense attorneys handle several DUI claims yearly; some they win, some they lose. However, a common factor is that many DUI arrests are preventable. Similarly, arrestees can also prevent several convictions. The result of a DUI claim usually starts from the first police stop. Sadly, few drivers understand this. So, they go on to complicate their DUI arrests.

That’s why it’s always best to hire a DUI defense attorney. Suppose you made any mistakes during your DUI arrests. Then, an excellent lawyer will know how to fix such issues. However, if you don’t have an attorney, you may still make other mistakes at trial. Fortunately, you can make the DUI arrests and defense process less complicated.

6 Tips for Handling Boise DUI Arrests

You never know when the police will stop you on suspicions of a DUI. But, if this ever happens, the tips below can help you.

Don’t Be Rude to the Police

Many drivers are rude to the police for various reasons. Some of them have had terrible experiences with cops. So, this is understandable. However, it’s always best to treat the police with respect during a DUI stop. This is because they can read your harshness as if you have something to hide. Conversely, the officer may get offended and decide to frustrate you. Whatever the case, a soft attitude can never hurt you.

Always Have Your Vehicle’s Paperwork Ready

Cops usually start a DUI stop by requesting your car’s papers. This will include your license and vehicle registration. In addition, the police may ask for your proof of insurance. Notably, the officer will observe you while you reach for these items. Any signs of uncertainty on the papers’ location or lack of coordination may lead to DUI suspicions.

Not having the documents at all is a different issue too. Therefore, it’s always best to carry your vehicle’s paperwork around. Furthermore, ensure that you keep them in your glovebox. This way, you don’t have to fumble around during a DUI stop.

Never Admit to Drinking Alcohol

You’ve probably seen in TV shows where the police ask a driver whether they’ve been drinking. Well, that can also happen in real life. When it does, it’s best never to admit to consuming alcohol. Some drivers think that accepting that they’re intoxicated will make the police more lenient.

However, the reverse is the case. The police officer merely asked that question to justify a subsequent arrest. Therefore, accepting a DUI validates your arrest. That’s why it’s best to exercise your right to silence.

Politely tell the police officer that you cannot answer their questions without an attorney. Indeed, the officer may yet arrest you. However, your silence would have lessened their probable cause.

Exercise Your Rights Concerning Field Sobriety Tests

The law allows police officers to conduct field sobriety tests. These tests can help them ascertain whether the arrestee is drunk. However, the issue is whether a driver must consent to such tests. Notably, field sobriety tests aren’t mandatory.

So, you can refuse to comply with the test. This is because field sobriety tests aren’t always accurate. Tests for alcohol concentration are different, though. Idaho law states that a driver automatically consents to evidentiary testing for alcohol concentration. If you refuse these tests, you’ll face some civil penalties.

Don’t Answer the Police’s Interrogation Questions Without an Attorney

The principle above applies even when the police arrest you. When you get to the police station, they’ll want to ask you some questions. These questions are usually police tricks to get you to admit something that aids their case. Therefore, it’ll be best to keep quiet until your DUI defense attorney arrives. An experienced lawyer will know what information wouldn’t harm your case. So, only with their permission should you offer any answers.

Exercise Your Right to Phone Calls

DUIs are severe offenses in Boise, Idaho. However, DUI arrestees still have certain rights and privileges. For example, you have the right to make phone calls after your arrest. With these calls, you can call your friends, family, or a DUI defense lawyer. Your first call should be to an attorney. After that, you can then call to inform your loved ones of your location. This information will save them from panicking.

Let DUI Defense Attorneys Help You!

Have the police arrested you for a DUI? Then, don’t worry because a DUI arrest doesn’t guarantee a conviction. However, you need an excellent DUI defense lawyer. Did you disregard any of the tips above? If you did, then you need an attorney’s input urgently. Fortunately, our lawyers have multiple years of experience handling DUI cases. So, call us today for a FREE consultation.