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Can I Get a Restricted Driving License in Boise?


DUIs are severe offenses in Boise, Idaho. So, if the police arrest you on a DUI charge, you’re already facing stiff penalties. Possible DUI punishments often range from imprisonment to fines. In addition, you may also suffer a license suspension. A driving license suspension is a strict punishment because you may yet need to drive around for necessities.

In such cases, Idaho law provides for restricted driving permits. If the police arrest you on a DUI charge, it’ll be best to hire a DUI attorney. An experienced lawyer can adequately defend your case. In addition, they’ll know if you’re eligible for a restricted license in case of a license suspension.

Boise DUI License Suspensions

License suspensions for a DUI can seem like an excellent option. This is only when you compare the license suspension to imprisonment. However, many times a license suspension goes together with fines or jail terms. There are multiple scenarios where you can lose your driving privileges because of a DUI.

Refusing a Breath Test

Idaho drivers automatically consent to breath tests. So, if you reject such a test, you face license suspensions. For example, you could lose your license for one year the first time you refuse a test. However, the second time, you can suffer a license suspension for eighteen months.

DUI Convictions

If the local DA convicts you for a DUI, your license may also be suspended. You face a 180-day to one-year license suspension where it’s your first DUI conviction. Subsequent convictions may see you losing your license for five to ten years. However, the timeline depends on the circumstances of your case.

Other cases that may result in a license suspension include:

  • Multiple DUI convictions
  • A vehicular manslaughter conviction

Who Will Grant You a Restricted Driving License in Idaho?

If it’s a DUI license suspension from the court, it’s the court that can grant you a restricted license. Here, the relevant court is the same one that convicted you. However, the case is different if an out-of-state court convicted you. In this case, you’ll have to apply to the Idaho Transportation Department in Boise.

Similarly, the Idaho Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles can issue a restricted driving permit. However, this is only possible where it’s the department that suspended your driving privileges.

Uses of the Idaho Restricted License

As the name implies, a restricted driving permit has limited uses. Usually, you can only use this license for essentials. These include driving to:

  • Work
  • Education purposes, including carrying your kids to school
  • Medical treatments and appointments

It’s noteworthy that you cannot use a restricted driving permit for commercial motor vehicle (CMV) operations. Here, it doesn’t matter whether the driving permit was from the Transportation Department or the court. It would be best not to violate the conditions on a restricted driving permit. This is because you risk losing the license over such actions.

Conditions for Getting a Boise Restricted License

Neither the Transportation department nor the courts grant restricted driving permits without conditions. Firstly, you’ll have to demonstrate your need for a restricted driving license. Therefore, you must produce the following:

  • A work verification document stating your occupation, work hours, and location
  • A letter from your doctor explaining your need for continued medical attention
  • Proof of auto liability insurance
  • Necessary application fees

After reviewing these documents, the transport department or court will then make a decision.

Don’t Drive With a Suspended License

Driving with a suspended license is almost as bad as a DUI arrest. Therefore, it would be best if you neither considered nor carried out this action. Driving with a suspended license can expose you to fines. In addition, the relevant authority can extend your license suspension.

This extra suspension can last for up to six more months. Furthermore, you can even face jail time for this action. For instance, you’re looking at imprisonment for up to a year. However, this jail term often depends on your conviction history.

DUI Lawyers Can Help You!

Have the police arrested you on a DUI charge? Are you scared the local DA will prosecute you? Well, the DA might charge you to court. However, this doesn’t mean that they’ll get a conviction. If you want to escape a DUI conviction, it’ll be best to hire the best DUI attorneys.

Our lawyers have spent multiple years representing Boise DUI defendants. So, we know how to exploit the laws for our client’s benefit. Furthermore, if you get a license suspension, we can tell whether you qualify for a restricted driving permit. Therefore, it would be best to call our law offices today to talk about your case.