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What to Do if You’re Pulled over for a Suspected Boise DUI


Has the police ever pulled you over for a DUI? If yes, then you already know how embarrassing and frightening that experience can be. Suppose you haven’t, well, lucky you! However, you still need to know what to do if the cops pull you or your friends over in the future.

DUI is short for Driving Under the Influence. Idaho expressly prohibits drunk driving and proffers stringent punishments for offenders. The penalties range from fines, license suspension and revocation, and even jail term. That’s why you should never disregard a DUI pull-over.

Whether you are guilty or not, how you respond to a suspected DUI pull-over can either make or mar your case. With the proper knowledge of handling the situation, you can wriggle your way out of a complicated driving under the influence charge.

It would also help to hire a Boise DUI lawyer. We’ve dedicated this enlightening article to inform you of your rights and obligations during a police stop.

Why Did the Police Pull Me Over? 

There are many reasons why a law enforcement officer may pull you over. It may be due to excessive speeding, aggressive driving, going off your traffic lane, and other types of traffic violations. An officer can stop you on mere suspicion that you’ve committed any offense, whether you’re innocent or not.

When they pull you over, it’s to verify facts to determine if you’re an offender. Usually, if they suspect DUI, they’d start a convo and maintain eye contact to access your coherence levels. They’d also look for signs of drunk driving. The most common DUI  indications are mumblings, bloodshot eyes, the alcoholic smell on your breath, etc.

What Should I Do When Stopped for Suspected DUI? 

It’s normal to be scared during a traffic stop. But never disregard a halt signal from the police even when you think you haven’t violated any rule. Doing otherwise will put you in more trouble. Instead, pull over immediately and find time to catch your breath.

It’s essential to keep calm and composed as you can. Be sure to answer all the questions the officers throw at you. Also, be confident and assertive, but never rude. We’ve compiled a list of things you should do when law enforcement stops you:

  • Stay in Your Car and Keep Your Hands Visible

Don’t try to step out of your vehicle. Stay put and keep your hands visible. Turn on your interior lights if it’s dark outside.

  • Know Why They Pulled You Over 

Ask the officers the reason for the pullover. It’d prevent you from giving too much information that may worsen your case later. Also, ask for clarification if something is unclear. Again, remember to be polite when asking.

  • Provide Your License and Registration 

If they ask you for your license, proof of insurance, or registration, don’t hesitate to provide them. Sometimes, they’d ask you to take a breathalyzer test. Ensure you obey.

  • Ask If They’re Detaining You

There are certain rights you have when the police stop your vehicle. They’re not allowed to hold you longer than necessary. If they are, ask them if they’re detaining you. If they aren’t, ask to be discharged.

  • Invoke the Fifth Amendment

If they’re holding you in custody, don’t converse with them anymore. Refuse to say anything in your attorney’s absence; instead, say, “I am invoking the Fifth.” If you get a citation, don’t argue with them. You’d get a chance to defend yourself in court later alongside your DUI attorney.

Behaviors To Avoid When Pulled Over

Here’s what not to do during a traffic stop:

  • Provide Any False Information 

Don’t give an officer the wrong name or address. It’s criminal, they’d eventually find out, and it will worsen your case.

  • Agreeing to Sobriety Tests If You’ve Had a Drink 

You don’t have to agree to field sobriety tests. You’d fail at them if you previously had anything to drink. Instead, allow them to carry on with the breathalyzer. You’d be giving them less evidence that way.

  • Give Too Much Information

Stick to answering the questions they ask and no more. By oversharing, you may be giving the police room to implicate you.

  • Answer Questions or Keep Talking When You’ve Invoked the Fifth

Once you’ve invoked the Fifth, don’t say a word till you speak with your DUI lawyer in Boise. They’d use anything you say from then against you.

Get a Boise DUI Lawyer Immediately 

As soon as is practicable, send for your Boise DUI attorney if you have a pending DUI charge.  At Trilogy Law Group, we have experienced Boise DUI lawyers to help you defend even the most complicated cases. Contact us today.