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DUI Charges Brought Against Driver After Multiple Pursuits


A driver responsible for triggering a number of police pursuits on Sunday, May 10, was charged with DUI. Other charges against the suspect were also brought by the Idaho State Police.

According to the details shared by the authorities, the driver charged had entered Idaho from Washington. The Washington State Patrol contacted the Idaho State Police to alert them about the driver. WSP intimated that the driver was driving dangerously at exceptionally high speeds on the I-90. ISP was also advised that the vehicle was traveling on the shoulder and weaving rapidly in and out of traffic.

The vehicle was identified as a Jeep Grand Cherokee of 2019 made. Following the alert from WSP, ISP began pursuing the vehicle in Post Falls. The pursuit began at milepost 7 and continued until milepost 14. However, ISP then decided to abandon the pursuit due to public safety concerns.

After this initial pursuit ended, the suspect vehicle was located by the police close to Wolf Lodge. ISP troopers began another pursuit of the vehicle which continued along the Yellowstone Trail. This second pursuit ended on the Coeur d’Alene Lake Drive. It came to an end with the pursuing ISP troopers performed a PIT maneuver and forced the vehicle to come to a stop.

ISP then arrested the driver who was identified as Brandelyn L. Betts, 34, of Spokane. A number of charges were brought against Betts by the ISP officers. These include felony eluding and DUI. It is expected that other charges may also be brought against Betts.

For the charge of felony eluding, Betts faces a license suspension of 1 to 3 years. At the same time, she may face prison time. The punishment for DUI will be equally stiff and other charges may add to the prison sentence she may ultimately receive.