Accounting License Defense Lawyer

Accounting License Defense in Boise, ID

You’ve worked hard to finish your education – you’ve worked your way through college, trade school, or other programs. You went through the CPA training process, applied for the exam, passed, and now hold the certification you desired. However, all of that hard work can be called into question the moment that you find yourself the object of an investigation into professional misconduct, white collar crime, or other such offenses. Charges that call into question your accounting license can do more than threaten your job – your career, reputation, and finances are at risk. As a result, it is vital that you consult with an accounting license defense lawyer in Boise, Idaho as soon as possible.

If you are under investigation related to your accounting license or are at risk of your license being revoked or suspended, we urge you to contact an accounting license defense lawyer near Boise as soon as possible. Working with an accounting license defense attorney could be the difference between protecting your license and seeing charges dropped, or losing the license and your career in the process.

Here at the Boise DUI Guy, we have always been dedicated to providing a vigorous legal defense to professionals like yourself, from physicians to pharmacists to real estate agents to veterinarians – including accountants like yourself. As a licensed professional, we are the license defense lawyers of choice should you find your license threatened.

If you are facing an administrative complaint against your accounting license, this is a serious issue, and it requires a serious response. Often, a licensed professional could be unaware of the implications of professional licensing action if successful. It is the goal of our attorney license defense lawyers to guide you step by step through the process, minimizing any negative impact on your reputation and license.

The Complaint Process for Accounting License Defense in Boise, Idaho

The process that administrative complaints typically follow begins when the complaint is actually filed. First, know that complaints can be filed by anyone – a former client, a co-worker, or any interested person. Typically the state board of accountancy will assign an investigator who has little to go on beyond just eh complaint, to start with. From there, the investigator will wish to meet with you. You may be tempted to meet quickly, cooperate, and get this matter behind you as soon as possible, but be careful. Before meeting with an investigator, it is highly recommended that you speak with an accountant license defense lawyer. Contact the Boise DUI Guy right away to speak to an accounting license defense attorney about the situation you’re in. In many cases, the time frame in which you are able to act is very short, so don’t delay.

It is very common for accountants and other licensed professionals to wish to resolve these issues on their own – particularly if the claim is not valid. Even though the complaint may be unfounded, working with an accountant license defense lawyer will ensure that there is no risk to your license and career. After all, those risks are present, and serious, even in an unfounded claim, and so protecting your license is well worth the cost of working with an attorney.

Issues Related to Accounting License Defense in Boise Idaho

The practice of accounting in the state of Idaho is, like many other professional pursuits, a highly regulated one. The Idaho State Board of Accountancy is tasked with administering and enforcing the laws surrounding Certified Public Accountants and Public Accountants. If yourself or someone you love is under investigation by the state board of accountancy, you should be speaking with an accounting defense lawyer as soon as you are able. You depend upon your accounting license to support yourself and your family – don’t risk it by delaying speaking to a lawyer, or attempting to defend your license yourself.

Often, despite your best efforts to work ethically, diligently, and thoroughly on your clients’ behalf, some disgruntled client, employee, or co-worker can file a complaint against you with the board of accountancy. These claims could be procedural or ethical in nature or could relate to issues of impairment or criminal convictions. Once a complaint has been received, the state board will begin an investigation and possible recommend disciplinary action with lifelong consequences.

In other cases, it is possible for your application for an accounting license is denied, or that you have issues renewing your accounting license for a variety of reasons. Whatever the issue you are facing, you may feel that you can handle it on your own. However, this is not the case! The Boise DUI Guy has the knowledge and experience necessary to help professionals like yourself defend your license and protect your livelihood – so contact an accounting license defense lawyer right away.

Even if an investigator seems to be on your side, seems friendly, or says they just want to hear “your side” so they can close the case, speak to an accounting license defense attorney before speaking to them. The investigator does not work for you, and will not necessarily have your best interests in mind. Don’t risk your reputation, career, and license on the path that seems easier – call an accounting license defense lawyer today.

Idaho State Board of Accountancy License Defense

The state board of accountancy investigates many different allegations of misconduct for which they may take disciplinary action. Some common misconduct allegations include:

  • Use of fraud or deceit to obtain a license to practice  accounting
  • A criminal conviction including felony convictions, or any conviction of an offense related to fraud or dishonesty.
  • Intentionally falsifying information in documents associated with the accounting practice.
  • Charging fees or assisting in the collection of fees under circumstances which are fraudulent.
  • Failing to comply with professional standards.
  • Violating the board of accountancy’s code of professional code of ethics.
  • Continuing to practice after failing to renew your accounting license.
  • Failing to respond to requests for information, or to cooperate in a state board’s investigation.
  • Failing to disclose the license status of an unlicensed person associated with financial statements.
  • Using advertising or other forms of solicitation in a manner that is deceptive, false, misleading or promotes claims that are unsupported.
  • The unlicensed practice of accountancy, including misuse of the CPA title.
  • Employing or associating professionally with someone whose accounting license has been suspended or revoked.
  • Engaging in conduct which reflects adversely on your ability to adequately perform accounting services.

Depending upon the particular circumstances of your case, the state board of accountancy may issue a public reprimand, may choose to limit the scope of your practice, may impose heavy fines, may place you on probation, or may revoke your right to practice accountancy entirely. Whatever allegations and disciplinary actions you may be facing, don’t wait until it is too late.

If you are under investigation, need assistance obtaining or renewing your Idaho accounting license, or have other issues related to your professional license, contact the professional license defense lawyers at the Boise DUI Guy today for a free consultation. We’ll discuss the facts of your case and recommend the best path forward and will work every day to protect the career you’ve worked so hard for.



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