How to Get a DUI Dismissed

How to Get a DUI Dismissed

For drivers facing a DUI charge in Idaho, it’s important to talk to a knowledgeable defense attorney early to craft a strong case and fight for the charge to be dismissed. If you’re convicted of a DUI, Idaho outlines harsh punishments including license suspensions, steep fines, and even jail time.

At Trilogy Law Group, our skilled defense attorneys specialize in supporting Idaho residents with DUI charges. With our extensive experience and successful strategies, we offer top-notch legal counsel to help you fight for your future and beat the DUI charge. If you’re ready to build your strongest case, we’re eager to help.

Idaho DUI Laws

Idaho penalizes DUIs differently based on an individual’s age, blood alcohol concentration (BAC), past offenses, and whether any injuries or damages were caused by impaired driving. For first offenses committed by individuals with a BAC of 0.08 or higher, penalties like license suspension and steep fines may apply. 

For drivers with a BAC of 0.20, additional penalties apply. Punishments also grow in severity for cases in which an individual receives their second or third DUI within ten years. Receiving a third DUI in ten years can even be treated as a felony, which can leave long-lasting effects on your criminal record.

If a driver causes any property damages or injuries while driving impaired, additional penalties and expenses may apply. In complex cases like this, it becomes even more important to partner with an experienced attorney early to develop a strong case.

How Your Defense Attorney Can Help

Skilled defense attorneys tailor their strategies to the specifics of your case. There is no one-size-fits-all approach that guarantees your case will be dismissed, but a capable lawyer will form the strongest argument based on your unique circumstances in order to advocate for your best possible solution.

Often, defense attorneys will argue the DUI charge be dismissed because the foundation of the charge is weak or mishandled. If the officer lacked a justified reason to pull you over or suspect you were driving under the influence, the case may be dismissed for a lack of probable cause

If the officer made a mistake as they administered your breathalyzer or field sobriety test, your lawyer may argue the results were inaccurate and the charge must be dismissed. If the police officer did anything outside the bounds of their training, the evidence against you may be dismissed. 

Your attorney may also appeal to the judge based on your background. If this is your first offense and you have a clean criminal record, your attorney may highlight these factors to the judge and advocate for lighter treatment. Your attorney may also argue that your sentence should be limited because of steps you’ve taken since the arrest, like rehabilitation. 

No matter the specific nature of your case, your attorney is ready to build a strong defense to get the DUI charges against you reduced or dismissed completely. 

Get Legal Aid to Get Your DUI Dismissed 

Successfully getting a DUI charge dismissed takes a strong strategy. Our experienced defense attorneys have extensive experience helping Idaho residents like you get their charges dismissed with our thorough, personalized approach and powerful argumentation. 

Ready to get your DUI dismissed? Talk to a trusted defense attorney at Trilogy Law Group today by calling 208-968-9060 or filling in our online form for a consultation.

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