How to Beat a Third DUI Charge

How to Beat a Third DUI Charge

Drivers facing a third driving under the influence (DUI) charge in Idaho are at risk of long jail sentences, steep fines, and even a felony charge on their record. These punishments rise in severity based on factors like your blood alcohol concentration (BAC), whether any injuries or damages were caused, and how soon the third DUI occurred after the past offenses. 

If you’ve been charged with a third DUI, seeking an experienced lawyer as early as possible can help you avoid these strict penalties. At Trilogy Law Group, our skilled defense attorneys are dedicated to protecting your future and fighting for your best outcome in the courtroom. Reach out for the guidance you need. 

Consequences of a Third DUI Charge in Idaho 

Idaho takes DUI convictions seriously, and multiple offenses can leave lasting impacts on your criminal record, career opportunities, and license. Though DUIs are often a misdemeanor, receiving a third DUI in a ten-year period is treated as a felony. Drivers with felony DUIs on their records may struggle to find jobs that include driving responsibilities.

A conviction of a third DUI within ten years in Idaho may result in:

  • Thirty days minimum jail sentence, up to five years
  • Up to a $5000 fine
  • Mandatory license suspension of up to five years
  • Mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device 

If you’re pursuing an education, you may also face limitations and penalties. Depending on academic policies, students who receive multiple DUIs may receive a suspension, loss of financial aid, and delayed graduation due to jail time. 

Connecting with a knowledgeable defense attorney as early as possible will give you the best chance at beating the charge and avoiding harsh consequences like these.

How a Defense Attorney Can Help You Beat a Third DUI Charge

The specific strategies your defense attorney will use are shaped by the circumstances of your charges. Your attorney may argue that your case should be dismissed due to weak evidence or mistakes made by the officer during the arrest. For example, if the officer used a malfunctioning Breathalyzer, your lawyer may advocate that your charge be dismissed. 

In third DUI cases, a judge may believe a pattern of driving under the influence has been established and penalties may rise accordingly. One strategy a defense attorney may attempt as they plead your case is to showcase your efforts of breaking the pattern. If you’ve pursued rehabilitation or taken other steps to grow from the incident, a judge may feel compelled to offer a lighter sentence.

Contacting a lawyer early will help to set you up for success in the courtroom. An experienced attorney will review your case and build convincing arguments to get these charges reduced or dropped entirely.

Talk to a Skilled DUI Attorney 

If you’re facing a third DUI charge, it’s crucial to connect with a skilled defense attorney fast. At Trilogy Law Group, we understand complex DUI cases and we’re backed by ample success in representing clients and helping them beat their charges. 

If you’re ready to talk to a DUI defense attorney about your best next steps, give us a call at 208-968-9060 or fill in our online form to learn more about your options to beat a third DUI charge.

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