Boise Criminal Defense Lawyer

Hopefully, your family will never need the legal services of a Boise criminal defense lawyer. However, things happen and everyone makes mistakes. You don’t have to be a bad person to find yourself in hot water with the criminal justice system.

You never know when you’re going to get that phone call. Your husband calls and says he’s been arrested for DUI. Or your son calls and says he got caught with marijuana on him. Now you’re the one who has to go bail them out of jail. You’re also the one who should call an experienced Boise criminal defense attorney too.

Idaho has some strict laws when it comes to criminal cases. If you’re arrested for a crime in Boise, chances are you’ll be facing some stiff penalties. You could face any or all of the following:

  • Jail time
  • Fines
  • Criminal record
  • Possible suspension or revocation of your driver’s license
  • Loss of your professional license

If you have any hope of getting your charges reduced or dismissed, you need a criminal defense lawyer. Sure, technically you can handle your case yourself. But why would you want to? An experienced criminal defense lawyer can help you.

If you or a loved one has been arrested in Boise, the first thing you need to do is call a criminal defense attorney. You have no idea what you could be up against. Your lawyer will work hard to make the legal process as painless as possible.

Our Criminal Defense Attorney Specializes in the Following Cases

If you get arrested, you’re going to want a lawyer that specializes in criminal law. You don’t want to rely on someone who practices divorce law to handle your case. That would be like having a criminal lawyer represent you in a real estate transaction. It doesn’t make sense. Our Boise criminal defense attorney specializes in defense strategy for the following types of cases:


Getting arrested for DUI can be scary and frustrating. You make one bad decision and it can affect the rest of your life. We understand this. The law against DUI is pretty clear. If you’re caught driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 or higher, you’ll be charged with DUI. The threshold is even lower for commercial drivers and people under 21.

A lot of people who are charged with DUI want to just go to court without legal counsel and take their lumps. If it’s your first offense, you figure you’ll pay some fines and lose your license for a few months. However, in Idaho, the legal process could leave you up against a lot more than this.

For a first offense DUI in Boise, you face the following penalties:

  • Up to 6 months in jail
  • Fines of up to $1,000
  • Suspension of your license for up to 7 months
  • 1-year of an Ignition Interlock Device

Being arrested for DUI isn’t the same as being convicted of DUI. Your Boise criminal lawyer will work hard to get your charges dismissed. There are defenses available to you for DUI and our DUI attorney is familiar with them all.

Criminal Domestic Violence

It’s one thing to be charged with battery or other violent crimes. It’s another to be charged with domestic violence battery. If you are charged with assaulting someone in your household, you can be charged with criminal domestic violence in Idaho. Criminal domestic violence charges can be filed if you are accused of assaulting any of the following people:

  • Spouse or former spouse
  • Someone you have a child with
  • Anyone you live with whether you’re married or not

Idaho’s criminal justice system takes violent crimes quite seriously. You will be facing serious consequences. In Idaho, if you’re convicted of criminal domestic violence, you face the following penalties:

  • Felony or misdemeanor depending on the seriousness of the victim’s injuries
  • No contact order
  • Loss of visitation rights
  • Prohibited to carry a firearm

The court will look at your history and decide your punishment.

It’s important to remember that being accused of criminal domestic violence is not the same as being convicted. Anyone can make an allegation of domestic violence. The state has to prove that it actually happened. Experienced criminal defense representation can be the difference between being convicted and acquitted.

Drug Possession and Other Drug Crimes

If you or your child are charged with drug possession, you need to call a criminal lawyer. Idaho is one of the states that is coming down hard on drug offenses. Even for simple possession, you could face jail time. You’ll face fines for sure. Your charges will depend on the criminal charges you were arrested for. Whether you’re charged with a misdemeanor or felony depends on:

  • The type of drug you are caught with. The penalties for possession of controlled dangerous substances are harsher than they are for marijuana. The courts look at drugs like heroin and methamphetamine a lot more harshly than they do marijuana.
  • You can be charged for possessing paraphernalia. You don’t even need to be caught with the actual drug on your possession. If the cops find drug paraphernalia, they can charge with possession. There are separate laws for paraphernalia. These laws are not as strict as some others, but they are wide-reaching. There are a lot of things that can be considered drug paraphernalia.

Drug trafficking

If you are caught with a lot of drugs on you, expect to be charged with trafficking. Drug trafficking is a very serious offense. It almost always carries minimum jail time in Idaho’s legal system.

There are defenses to all of these charges that your drug defense lawyer may be able to prove. Make sure you call as soon as possible after your arrest to retain the best criminal defense representation.

Professional License Defense

If you’re charged with a crime in Idaho, your professional license may be at risk. For example, if you’re a commercial driver charged with DUI, you face more than just the regular penalties for DUI. You risk losing your CDL. This means you won’t be able to work. This is the case even if it’s your first offense.

Other professional licenses can be at risk as well. If you’re charged and convicted of certain drug offenses, you could risk losing your law license, teaching license or even medical license.

There is a ton at stake for you in these situations. You don’t want to handle this yourself. Experienced Boise criminal lawyers have handled dozens of professional license cases. They know the law and they know the defenses. You don’t want to just accept your fate when legal services could help you find a better resolution.

You worked long and hard to get your professional license. Don’t let someone threaten to take it away without a fight.

Keep in mind – just because we specialize in these types of cases doesn’t mean we don’t handle other criminal matters. Our team of dedicated professional license defense lawyers has years of experience handling criminal matters.

Sit down and discuss your case with one of our experts. They can help give you the guidance and peace of mind you need.

The Importance of Having an Experienced Criminal Lawyer on Your Side

Like we mentioned earlier, there’s no law that says you need a criminal defense law firm if you’ve been charged with a crime. In fact, a lot of people choose to handle their legal issues themselves. Or, they rely on the legal system to provide a public defender. Depending on the seriousness of your charges, you may be entitled to a public defender in Idaho.

There is nothing wrong with public defenders. They work hard and do the best they can for their clients. However, they handle a lot of cases. And sometimes, their goal is to just get you the best deal they can. They don’t have the luxury of spending hours researching defenses to your case. They don’t have the personal investment that a private Boise criminal defense attorney does.

If you go into court without an experienced criminal lawyer, you could be making the biggest mistake of your life. Like it or not, if you’ve been charged with a crime, you need to take it seriously. There’s a lot on the line. You could be facing all of the following:

  • Months or years in prison
  • Thousands of dollars in fines
  • Loss of your professional license
  • Custody issues with your children
  • A permanent criminal record

If you want any chance of avoiding legal punishment for criminal charges, you’ll want to rely on an experienced Boise criminal defense attorney.

Contact an Experienced Defense Attorney for a Free Consultation

The last thing any of us want to do is deal with legal trouble without legal counsel. Once you’ve been charged with an offense, there is no going back. You can’t click your heels three times and make it go away. You’re going to have to go to court and face the music. It’s a lot less scary to face the music with an experienced attorney by your side.

If you or your loved one have been charged with a crime in Boise, call and schedule your consultation with the Boise DUI Guy. The team of attorneys at our office offer decades of combined experience handling cases just like yours.

Our experienced criminal defense lawyers have relationships with the prosecutors. They know how they operate. They will do everything they can do get your charges reduced or dismissed. And, if this doesn’t work, they’ll go to court and battle on your behalf.

Being charged with a crime isn’t the end of the world. It may feel like it at the time, but there is hope or dismissed or reduced charges. All criminal charges have possible defenses. It’s your criminal lawyer’s job to find these defenses and see if they apply to your case. He’ll review the state’s evidence and see if there are any holes in the case presented by the prosecuting attorney. It might even be possible to get the prosecutor to agree to a plea bargain.

Call our office today and schedule your consultation. Sit down with someone who knows what you’re going through. Our criminal lawyers know what you’re up against. Let them guide you through the process.

Having a good criminal lawyer with a solid defense strategy can make all the difference in your case. Experienced criminal defense attorneys could be the one thing that stands between you and a jail cell. Don’t leave it to chance. Call our law office for a free consultation today!

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