Boise CDL DUI Lawyer

Boise CDL DUI Lawyer

A commercial drivers license (CDL) enables you to operate a commercial vehicle. Hours of training, applications, and tests are involved in obtaining this specialized license. Because it’s so involved, being charged with a DUI is a frightening and impactful occurrence for anyone. The stakes are even higher if you are charged with a CDL DUI.

Don’t let all of your hard work and ability to support yourself and your family be thrown away with a DUI charge. Contact the defense attorneys at Trilogy Law Group to create your personalized legal plan. Your Boise CDL DUI lawyer can help you defend your case and get your charges reduced or dropped entirely. 

What Is a DUI?

Driving under the influence (DUI) has different consequences from state to state. In Idaho, this refers to the crime of operating a motor vehicle under the influence of any chemical that will cause you to be impaired. This includes not only alcohol but all types of substances including prescription. 

According to Idaho DUI laws, anyone with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08 or greater or under the influence of any altering substance shouldn’t be in control of a motor vehicle. It’s against the law to operate a commercial vehicle while under the influence of intoxicating substances or with a BAC of 0.04 or greater. 

That means, even if you feel like you’re under the legal limit, you may be over the BAC level of 0.04 and may face severe penalties. 

Penalties associated with a DUI conviction include fines, possible jail time, rehabilitation programs, community service, and license suspension. When you factor in a CDL, you risk your current job and any future positions you may have been working towards when operating a commercial vehicle is involved.  

What Are the Additional Impacts of a Boise CDL DUI? 

Your CDL may be in jeopardy even if you were not operating a commercial vehicle at the time of the arrest. Your CDL may be restricted for an amount of time based on the severity of the charges even if the arrest occurred while driving your personal vehicle. 

If you are operating a commercial vehicle at the time of the incident, the blood alcohol level required for a charge drops to 0.04 or greater. Refusing a breath or blood test when asked by law enforcement is also a punishable offense in Idaho. License disqualification can range from one year for your first offense to three years to life for repeat offenders. 

Reach Out to a Boise CDL DUI Attorney

When you need a CDL for your job, anything that jeopardizes your license also jeopardizes your career and your ability to support yourself and your family. A DUI charge has negative impacts on your relationships with family, friends, and professional colleagues. 

You have worked hard for your CDL, let us work hard to personalize your defense. Connect with the lawyers at Trilogy Law Group today by calling 208-968-9060 or completing the online form below.

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