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Boise Misdemeanor DUI Case: Penalties


If you were arrested and charged with driving under the influence, you would probably face felony or misdemeanor DUI charges. While you may have an idea of what to expect from a felony charge, you may be unaware of the consequences of a misdemeanor DUI charge. DUI cases can have serious consequences in Boise.

There are usually hefty penalties that come with them. That’s where our DUI lawyers enter the picture to provide you with the best defense. In this article, our attorneys at Trilogy Law Group will walk you through the different penalties a court could award you for misdemeanor DUI. Among them are jail time, court costs, fines, restitution, and many more.

What Are Penalties in a Misdemeanor DUI Case?

Below are the top penalties you can get from driving under the influence.

Jail Time

Jail time is one of the top penalties most defendants fear in a Boise DUI case. However, that’s understandable because the court stripping you of your freedom and sending you to sit in a cell for months is a terrifying thought. However, although you could get jail time for a DUI charge, it isn’t always the case.

If it’s your first DUI case and no serious factors are available to aggravate your case, then you could get options instead of jail time. Sometimes, you’re offered work releases, house arrest, and even community service. A DUI attorney can help you avoid jail time and get you one of the lesser options.

Straight Time

If you don’t qualify for any alternate options to jail time, you might get straight time in custody as your penalty. However, this is relatively uncommon in first DUI cases. Even in cases of excessive DUI or second DUI, chances are you will still qualify for some of the options available.


A common penalty for a Boise misdemeanor DUI charge is getting a fine. The court will usually ask you to pay some monetary penalty before letting you go. Most times, the maximum DUI court fine for first-time offenders is $1000. However, for second DUI charges or excessive DUI, the maximum penalty you can get is $2000.


If you caused any damage while you’re driving under the influence, the court might ask you to pay restitution to the victims. Even if you have insurance and cover damage to the victim’s vehicle, you might have to pay the insurance company for the damages caused. However, the court might allow you to pay this restitution in installments.

Substance Abuse Evaluation

Most times, the court has to order a substance abuse evaluation or an alcohol evaluation in DUI cases. The court approves specific DUI evaluators that you must go to. This evaluator will recommend classes that you must comply with. This evaluation is calculated by hours and could be between 8 hours to 32 hours. In some cases, the evaluator might recommend inpatient treatment.

License Suspension

Another penalty for a Boise misdemeanor DUI case is the suspension of your driving privileges. However, a DUI attorney might help you prevent this type of punishment. The length and suspension limitation usually depends on the circumstances surrounding your case. It could be between 90 to 180 days for a first-time offender. However, after the first 30 days elapse, you might qualify for a work permit. In second or excessive DUIs, you could get a whole year, and it’s usually absolute.

Interlock Device

Another penalty that a misdemeanor DUI offender might face is using an interlock device. In an excessive DUI case, the law permits the court to issue an interlock device. An interlock device is usually installed in the vehicle. It requires you to blow into it so it can read your breath before the car starts. If the interlock device detects alcohol, your car won’t start, and it will notify your probation officer.

Contact a DUI Lawyer Today!

DUIs can be severe charges in Boise, and there are usually several penalties that the court could award an offender. Also, even if you are not charged with a felony DUI, a misdemeanor DUI has the power to affect your life. As such, it is best to avoid adverse consequences. A skilled DUI defense attorney can help you with this.

At Trilogy Law Group, our DUI attorneys can get you a lesser sentence on your first DUI case or get you off. Contact us today for a free review of your case.