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6 Critical Steps To Take After a DUI Accident


A DUI accident is not a great time for anyone involved. DUI lawyers in Boise, Idaho have considerable experience in dealing with motor vehicle accidents. Throughout our practice years, we’ve seen that drunk driving is one of the leading causes of traffic accidents. Often, most people who get involved in accidents where one of the drivers drove under the influence don’t know what to do after. In this article, we put together six steps you must take following a DUI accident.

Steps To Take After a DUI Accident 

Motor vehicle accidents leave people panicked. In this state, some would flee the crash site while others remain. Out of those who stay back, not everyone knows what to do following a collision. Since it’s vital to take steps that ensure you don’t break Idaho laws and harm your personal injury claim, our Boise DUI lawyers decided to help.

Below are six critical steps you must take immediately after a drunk driving accident:

  • Stay Calm, Assess Dangers, and Keep Yourself and Others Safe

Once the initial shock of the collision wears off, you must remain as calm as possible. Steady yourself by taking slow deep breaths, until you stop feeling panicky. If your car is in the fast lane, move it to the slow lane.

If doing that would impact traffic in any way, look for a convenient place to stop and return to the crash site. Check for injuries on yourself, passengers, if any, and the occupants of the other vehicle. You should also turn on hazard lights to prevent secondary collisions, then call 911 to report the DUI accident.

  • Remain at the Scene 

One mistake most people make is stopping after a crash, assessing damages and injuries, and then driving off before the police arrive. This shouldn’t be your story. You have to remain at the scene while the police carry out their preliminary investigation or until they tell you to leave.

By staying at the scene, you’ll be able to follow the investigation and might discover something you missed earlier. Also, it avails you the opportunity to know immediately if the other driver was impaired and to what extent. It lets you know how much trouble you are in sooner rather than later as an impaired driver.

Keep in mind that leaving a crash scene without speaking to the authorities amount to a hit-and-run offense. It is a criminal charge, and offenders can either end up in jail, pay a fine, or both.

  • Avoid Making Statements or Admitting to Fault

Here’s another mistake people make. Before discovering the other driver’s impairment, they make statements that might get construed as an admission of fault. Avoid doing this by all means. As a victim, stay away from the impaired driver in the DUI accident and avoid saying anything to them.

As the impaired driver, avoid taking blame until you speak with a Boise DUI lawyer. An accident site is not the place to say sorry, so, don’t. Remember that DUI offenses are considered criminal, and anything you say or do can and will be used against you in court.

  • Cooperate With the Police

A police investigation is vital in drunk driving accident cases, so it is vital to cooperate. They have the training to locate evidence, interview witnesses, and determine if the fault driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. To do the latter, they will carry out field sobriety tests, conduct a breathalyzer test, and take the driver’s blood or urine sample.

The tests are quite essential, as, without them, you can’t bring a drunk driving charge against the fault party. It would also affect your compensation, and in a personal injury lawsuit, the court may not grant you punitive damages. Thus, cooperate with the police and answer all their questions honestly.

  • Get the Drunk Driver’s Information

Don’t get carried away by the beehive of activities at the crash site that you fail to get the drunk driver’s information. The preceding should include the person’s name, contact address, and insurance information. With this, your DUI lawyer in Boise would be able to contact the fault party when commencing your DUI accident claim.

  • Hire a Boise DUI Attorney

Most people wait until it’s too late to hire an attorney, which puts them in trouble. After a drunk driving accident, speak with a DUI lawyer and follow their instructions to the letter. Also, ensure you’re truthful to your lawyer and don’t do anything outside their advice.

Boise DUI Lawyers Can Help You!

At Trilogy Law Group, we have a team of experts who have experience dealing with drunk driving accidents. Don’t set out on your own; contact us today for a free case review.