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Tips on How To Win Your DUI Case


A DUI case happens when an individual drives while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. When this occurs, if the authorities find the individual guilty of the charge, they can penalize them severely.

In Idaho, the law states that an individual with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of over 0.08% is guilty of DUI. People believe you can only get a DUI charge if you caught driving while under the influence. However, if you are sitting in the driver’s seat of a running car, you can also get a DUI charge.

When the police arrest a driver for committing a DUI, the penalties include jail time, fines, license confiscation, etc. It is important to hire an experienced Boise DUI attorney because DUI charges can be difficult to navigate. This article will provide some useful tips necessary for winning DUI cases.

5 Tips for Winning Your DUI Case

Getting a DUI on your record can have long-standing effects. If you believe the police wrongly charged you with DUI, you can adopt these five tips to win your DUI case. These guidelines are sure to help you, so you have nothing to fear.

  • Get an Experienced Boise DUI Attorney

This is the first step in winning your case. Your chosen attorney must have enough experience and knowledge on how best to go about the lawsuit. There is a possibility that you are ignorant of how DUI cases pan out. This is why you need an attorney that knows what they are doing.

The choice of your DUI attorney determines how your case would end up. Your case could either be a settlement or a court case. Whichever one your case is, you need someone that would guide you through the entire process.

  • Claim That You Were Not Mirandized

Your Miranda rights state that “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and would be used against you in a court of law.” When an officer of the law fails to read your Miranda rights to you or fails to do so properly, the court will not admit all evidence they gather against you. Therefore, there can be no lawsuit because there would be no proof. Even if you did commit the crime, your case would be dropped as far as you were not Mirandized.

  • Unreliable Breath Test

Taking a breath test is a normal part of a DUI stop. It is one of the ways the police find the blood alcohol content of a driver. However, the BAC results could be wrong; for instance, a condition like GERD can alter your results.

Also, the improper use or malfunctioning of the breath test instrument can change the BAC of a driver. If you suspect that any of the above affected your BAC results, it is important for you to challenge those tests.

  • Erroneous Field Sobriety Testing

The authorities carry out field sobriety tests to determine if a driver is drunk or under the influence of drugs. Examples of such tests are the walk-and-turn test, one-leg stand test, etc. Sometimes, the test results are not accurate because of multiple factors.

These factors include unsteady footwear (e.g., high heels), adverse weather conditions, fear of police officers, etc. When any of these factors affect a driver, their performances during the field sobriety tests can be affected. In an instance like this, your case can be dismissed.

  • Ascertain That the DUI Stop Was Illegal

You should know that DUI stops are illegal in Idaho. This could be a valid argument against your charge. If you can claim and prove that the reason the officer stopped you was not reasonable or lawful, your case could be set aside. For example, if you were pulled over for driving at a relatively late hour, the charge for driving while under the influence could be dropped. Let your Boise DUI attorney know if this was the case.

Contact Trilogy Law Group for Your DUI Case

As we mentioned earlier, getting a professional Boise DUI lawyer is a proven way to win your DUI lawsuit. At Trilogy Law Group, we understand that time is very important in cases. We are one of the best DUI attorneys in Boise, and we are available at all times to help in your case.

Our team of attorneys attends to each of our clients relentlessly and committedly. We have your best interests at heart, and we make sure you have the appropriate legal representation you need. With us, you can be sure of getting free consultations and no upfront fees. Contact us now to get started.