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How Can I Avoid a DUI Charge in Idaho?


Many drivers want to know how they can avoid being slapped with a DUI charge. Some ask out of curiosity while others regularly drive while drunk and they want to avoid the consequences. No attorney would ever encourage a person to drive while intoxicated. Driving while after using drugs or alcohol is dangerous and it often results in serious or even fatal accidents. Both the driver and everyone else around them are at risk. You simply shouldn’t drink and drive, and the DUI charge is supposed to erect a barrier to that.

The only sure way to protect yourself and other road users are to put down your keys when you’ve been drinking. Remember, even if your blood alcohol concentration is below the legal limit, a law enforcement officer can still charge you if your driving is impaired. However, there are things you can do to avoid being wrongly accused of driving under the influence and netting a DUI charge as a result. No one wants to be pulled over by the police and it can be highly inconvenient and embarrassing to face charges even if they’re later dropped.

How to Avoid Attracting Police Attention as You Drive Around Boise, ID

Even if you haven’t had a drop to drink, you’ll want to avoid raising the suspicions of any law enforcement officers you encounter. As any Boise DUI attorney will tell you, drivers often get a DUI charge after police pull them over for other reasons. Here are some of the things you should do to reduce the risk of a police stop.

  • Ensure all the lights on your vehicle are working. Police officers tend to look for reasons to stop vehicles and carry out a DUI che If your headlights or taillights are out, you’ll give them reasonable grounds for stopping you. Before you drive off, you should always check to make sure all the lights on your vehicle are functional.
  • Stick to the speed limit. If you drive at even a couple of miles above the speed limit, the police can pull you over. If you’re traveling well above the speed limit, it’s even more likely that you will attract attention. When law enforcement officers catch drivers speeding, they’ll start looking for signs of intoxication.
  • Obey traffic signals. It can be tempting to ignore red lights and stop signs late at night, early in the morning or anytime the road is clear. However, you need to follow the law all the time. Otherwise, you risk drawing attention to yourself and potentially picking up a DUI charge.
  • Drive carefully when you leave bars or clubs. People leaving places of entertainment have usually had a few drinks. Law enforcement officers tend to keep a close eye on people who are driving out of these establishments. If you break any traffic rules, a traffic stop can easily turn into a DUI probe. Take your time and try to do everything right.
  • Cooperate if you do get pulled over. You may be annoyed at the stop, but you should still be polite. Produce your license and proof of registration if the officer asks for them but decline to answer any questions about whether you had anything to drink or where you came from. The officer isn’t just making conversation. They’re actually hoping you’ll say something that suggests you committed a crime.

Things to Keep in Mind if the Police Suspect You’ve Been Drinking

If the officer has reason to believe you’re intoxicated, they’ll ask you to take field sobriety tests. It’s important to know that you’re not legally required to take the walk-and-turn, horizontal gaze nystagmus, or one-leg stand tests. No matter what the officer tells you, you can refuse to take these assessments. Even people who are completely sober can fail so you shouldn’t take chances.

That being said, there are consequences if you decline to take a breathalyzer test. Your driver’s license will automatically be suspended for one year. This is significant since if you were a first-time offender whose BAC was .08 or more, the suspension would be for a minimum of 90 days.  When your license is reinstated, you’ll have to install an ignition interlock device on your vehicle.

Another thing to consider that you can still get hit with a DUI charge even if you refuse the Breathalyzer. The officer can get a warrant to draw your blood. If you were indeed drinking, the police would get the evidence they were after.

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