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How Much Does a DUI Attorney Charge in Idaho?


If you have been charged with DUI in Idaho, you are in for a whole lot of expenses. You may think that the fees of your attorney are the main financial concern after a DUI arrest. However, attorney fees are only one of the many costs you incur following a DUI. Other costs in a DUI case may include the bail amount, fees for jail time, sentencing and probation as well as license reinstatement fees. Still, it is important to know how much a DUI attorney in Boise, Idaho typically charges and whether or not you should go with the more expensive attorneys.

How Much Should I Pay My DUI Attorney in Boise, Idaho?

The actual fee of a DUI attorney varies from case to case and it depends on a number of factors. An attorney will determine the complexity of your case and the expected timeline. If the case is going to take longer, attorney fees will be higher in contrast to cases that are concluded quickly. Attorneys will more experience and a good reputation will also typically cost you more than other attorneys.

Ultimately, you should strike a balance between your budget and your need for defense when choosing an attorney. The attorney you hire should be able to represent and defend you effectively without making you bankrupt.

Typically, attorneys can charge you anywhere between $500 and $2,000 for a plea. If your case goes to a trial, the range of rates varies from $3,000 to $25,000. The average attorney fee in a DUI case is $1,000.

Should I Hire an Attorney in a DUI case?

By default, you have access to a public defender after a DUI arrest. The public defender will help you prepare a defense against the DUI charges and seek a minimum sentence. That being said, public defenders do not take a whole lot of pain in putting up a strong defense. They are usually overworked and you don’t get to choose one, instead you are assigned one.

In contrast, you can choose a Boise DUI attorney of your choice. You also get to receive a free consultation from an attorney in which you can discuss your case and determine whether or not the attorney can help you. You also enjoy the dedicated attention of an attorney you hire, in contrast to a public defender who may not have a lot of time for you.

Given these pros and cons, it makes sense to hire an attorney after being charged with DUI. Hiring an attorney also makes sense for other reasons. DUI penalties, especially the fines, can range from negligible amounts to huge dollars. If you don’t defend yourself effectively, you may end up paying thousands of dollars in fines.

With a solid defense, you may be able to bring this down to a few hundred, saving you a sizable amount of money. Often, the difference between a small and a large DUI fine is the attorney who is representing you. A good attorney can negotiate a smaller sentence for your DUI offense and get you off the hook more easily.

DUI Attorneys and Free Initial Consultation

Most DUI attorneys offer a free preliminary consultation. At this consultation, you can discuss your case with an attorney and explore options you can pursue in your case. The attorney may also tell you whether or not you can benefit from hiring him or her. In any case, the consultation is an opportunity for you to decide whether or not to hire an attorney. This is why it is important to ask an attorney for a free consultation before you choose to hire one.

It is a good idea to consult multiple attorneys before you decide which one to hire. This helps you get an average of the attorney fees as well.

Finding a DUI Attorney in Boise, Idaho

If you have been charged with a DUI offense in Boise, Idaho, it is important to hire the right attorney. The right attorney need not cost a fortune – instead, he or she should have a reputation for arguing DUI cases very well.

Here at Boise DUI Guy, we specialize in handling DUI cases. Our attorneys have helped Boise residents in a large number of DUI cases. At the end of the day, we believe that everyone has a right to second chances. This is why we work with you to have your DUI charges reduced to a minimum. Contact us today to book a FREE consultation with our attorneys.