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This is My First DUI Offense. What Happens Next?

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DUI charges are serious and you should never underestimate the potential consequences, even if it is only your first DUI offense. DUI charges in Boise, Idaho can have serious ramificationsfor your legal record, your ability to drive, and your future. If you are faced with a Boise DUI, you should seek legal council immediately to determine the next steps that you can take to minimize or negate the charge.

Many people are tempted to plead guilty to a DUI charge out of the belief that it will be the quickest way to make the situation disappear. This is nottrue. Even a first time charge can result in heavy fines, jail time and long-term consequences. Before taking any action with law enforcement, you need to be aware of the punishments and sentences associated with a first time DUI charge, and the long term consequences that can result. The attorneys at Boise DUI Guy can help you navigate this process.

Punishment and Fines for First DUI Offense

DUI charges are typically classified as a misdemeanor, but the state of Idaho has harsh DUI legislation that can maximize penalties. Even if it’s only your first DUI charge, you can still face six months of jail time for a DUI, a minimum fine of $1000, or both. You may also be ordered to complete a probationary period of a year or more for a first time DUI charge in order to ensure you don’t repeat the offense. If your license is suspended, you will likely have to pay a reinstatement fee to drive again. If extenuating circumstances cause the charge to be upgraded to a felony, these consequences will be even more severe.

Conditions for DUI Felony Charges

First DUI Offense Lawyer in Boise, Idaho

Dealing with your first DUI offense? You don’t have to go it alone. Reach out to Boise DUI Guy today.

You should also be aware of the fact that certain situations may result in a DUI misdemeanor charge being upgraded to a felony, which can result in higher DUI fines and jail time for the DUI. These include:

  • A fatality or serious injury caused by the DUI
  • A Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) level over .18
  • Driving with a license that has been suspended, restricted or revoked
  • A child or open liquor is present in the car
  • Multiple DUI misdemeanor charges

If your first DUI offense is serious enough to warrant a felony charge, contacting an attorney will be even more imperative, as the consequences will be more serious and difficult to reverse if you find yourself trying to do so. Idaho takes high BAC levels especially seriouslyand the consequences for a BAC over .18 (even for a first offense) will be a DUI fine up to $2000 and maximum jail time of up to an entire year.

Long-Term Consequences of DUI Charges

Even your first DUI offense in Boise, Idaho can affect your auto insurance policy and your future employment. For a first-time DUI charge, your license will almost certainly be suspended for a time anywhere between 90 and 180 days. If you want to regain your license earlier then this timeline, you will have to deal with the bureaucracy of administrative and criminal law judges, which can become a financial burden and a painstaking process.

The most consequential long-term impact of a Boise DUI charge however, will be the changes to your permanent record. Even if you avoid a conviction as a result of your sentence being deferred or probated, your probated sentence will remain on your record and establish a ‘criminal history’ that employers can see. Some employers will not hire individuals with past DUI charges, no matter how minor because of the perception of being a ‘high risk driver’.

In addition to your license and employment prospects being altered, your auto insurance will also almost certainly go up when you have a DUI on your record. If you’re car acquired damages as a result of the incident, they may decline to cover costs of the accident.

Reach Out to a Boise DUI Attorney for Your First DUI Offense

If you have been charged with a first-time DUI in Boise, Idaho, getting in touch with an attorney is an important first step to making sense of the charges laid against you and the seriousness of their consequences. Don’t delay in dealing with this charge. The DUI attorneys of Boise DUI Guy are ready to work with you in providing the best outcome for your future. Don’t delay! Contact Boise DUI Guyas soon as you can.