Nursing License Defense Lawyer

Nursing License Defense in Boise, ID

Here at the Boise DUI Guy, our nursing license defense lawyers represent hundreds of professional nurses like yourself each year, working with issues threatening their nursing licenses including drug diversion, DUI and other impairment issues, failing drug tests, failure to report prior convictions, negligence claims, and criminal charges. If you know of a complaint or investigation which threatens your nursing license, don’t delay – contact the nursing license defense attorneys at the Boise DUI Guy today, and let us help you keep your license.

Common Disciplinary Actions Handled by Nursing License Defense Lawyers

Drug Diversion – by definition, drug diversion is the misappropriation of prescription medications without the legal authorization to do so. Nurses can be accused of drug diversion for failure to properly dispose of medication, stealing narcotics, and Pyxis errors. Our nursing license defense lawyers have helped hundreds of Boise, ID nurses to defend against drug diversion allegations, ranging from state licensing infractions to multiple-count federal indictments. Here at the Boise DUI Guy, our nursing license defense attorneys have ample experience handling drug diversion cases from the minor to the severe.

DUI – unfortunately, many nurses lose their licenses due to a DUI charge, and still others submit themselves to long, invasive, and expensive monitoring under a state impairment program. Too often, nurses agree to enter the impairment program without first speaking with a nursing license defense lawyer in Boise. Our attorneys work hard to help nurses like yourself protect their licenses without the need for invasive monitoring requirements. Whether you have been recently charged with a DUI or are facing disciplinary action for a prior DUI charge, the Boise DUI Guy’s nursing license defense lawyers can help you.

Failing a Drug Test – Our nursing license defense lawyers often represent nurses who have failed a pre-employment or employer-ordered drug test. Typically, these tests are failed due to pain medications, benzodiazepines, alcohol, or marijuana. It is also common for a nurse who fails a drug test to also face charges of drug diversion. Failing a drug test as a nurse can be a very serious issue – often, a nurse who fails a drug test sees their employment swiftly terminated is reported to the state board of nursing, and will face potential licensing action. In some cases, the license may be immediately suspended. Our nursing license defense lawyers can help you protect your license and your livelihood – but time is short, so if you have failed a drug test, contact a nursing license defense lawyer right away.

Nursing License Suspension – There are many reasons that a nursing license could be suspended, including drug-related charges, fraud, probation violations, and failure to comply with an ordered impairment program. Our nursing license defense lawyers have helped many nurses see suspended licenses restored. If your nursing license has been suspended, there is a very short period of time within which you may challenge the suspension, so contact a nursing license defense lawyer right away.

Criminal Convictions – Our nursing license defense lawyers have experience assisting nurses who are facing criminal charges currently or nurses who have prior criminal convictions and need help reporting to the state board of nursing. Many nurses who have a criminal history need assistance obtaining or renewing a nursing license – another area in which a nursing license defense attorney can help you. In addition, Boise DUI Guy represents nurses facing disciplinary action for failing to report a criminal conviction in a timely manner. Our nursing license defense lawyers will work hard to ensure that a previous or current criminal conviction does not cost you your career.

Other Issues Related to Nursing Licenses

Difficulty Getting a Nursing License – In addition to helping nurses retain or reinstate their nursing licenses, our nursing license defense lawyers also help nurses and students who have a prior criminal history or previous disciplinary issues get the nursing license they have worked hard for. The process of getting a license with a prior conviction can take longer, but in most cases, a prior sanction or conviction will not automatically preclude you from obtaining a license. Our nursing license defense lawyers can assist in bringing these issues to the state board of nursing during the application process, as well as represent you during any necessary hearings.

Reporting Actions and Convictions from Another State – Often, nurses report disciplinary action or prior convictions without speaking to a nursing license defense lawyer. Other nurses may fail to report these issues entirely. Either of these courses of action is not recommended – reporting these actions requires a balance between adequately reporting the necessary issues, demonstrating that you are safe to practice, and not divulging unnecessary information which could negatively impact your license. Our nursing license defense attorneys have assisted many nurses in reporting disciplinary and criminal events to the state board of nursing.

Our Nursing License Defense Experience

Here at the Boise DUI Guy, we know that you have worked very hard to attain your nursing license, and our nursing defense lawyers will work very hard to see that you keep it. We will aggressively defend our clients to protect your reputation, your assets, your license, and your career. Working with a nursing license defense attorney can help to alleviate the stress that comes with defending your license, especially if the claim against you is unfounded. Our nursing license defense lawyers in Boise, Idaho work every day with nurses like yourself to protect their licenses and careers.

Our nursing license defense lawyers have experience defending nurses just like yourself against a range of complaints from administrative complaints to state investigations. We represent nurses at state board hearings and administrative law judge hearings, and we help with license suspension orders and issues with licensing renewal. Whatever the issue threatening your nursing license, our attorneys can help you.

If you have received communication from the Idaho state board of nursing, or if you know of any investigation into your conduct as a nurse, it is vital that you reach out to our nursing license defense lawyers as soon as possible. We will help you to examine your case, determine the best course of action, and represent you at any necessary hearings. You have worked hard to get where you are, and we’re ready to work hard to help you stay there.

While you hold a nursing license, it is important for you to be aware of any violations you’re accused of. These complaints could be ethical, procedural, or even criminal, and anyone can file a complaint, from a patient to a co-worker. Typically, the state board will perform an investigation following a complaint, and the investigator will determine the validity of the complaint and what, if any, disciplinary measures are appropriate.

About Our Nursing License Defense Attorneys

The Boise DUI Guy has professional license defense attorneys with experience in nursing license defense, and we are dedicated to helping nurses like yourself protect your license and livelihood. Our attorneys have knowledge and experience necessary to represent nurses before the state board, administrative law judges, and state licensing departments. In addition, we can help nurses who are faced with impairment related charges like DUI, and with criminal convictions or charges.

Whatever the allegations you are facing, we know how hard you have worked for your nursing license, and we will help you to protect it. If you have received communication from the board of nursing or the state licensing department that your license is in jeopardy, contact a nursing license defense lawyer immediately. Our attorneys can help you determine what course of action is the most appropriate for your situation, and will fight every day to protect your license and career.



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