Will My DUI Affect my Employment or an Employee Background Check in Boise Idaho?

Being charged with a DUI is a serious thing – you’re arrested, booked, photographed, fingerprinted, have to appear before a judge, and potentially have to defend yourself in court facing a criminal charge, stiff fines, and potentially jail time.  To make matters worse, this conviction threatens to haunt you forever – can your DUI conviction affect your employment status, or affect your ability to get a new job, especially considering the possibility of an employee background check?

In general, Idaho is an at-will employment state – this means, unfortunately, that an employer is able to terminate you for any reason, with very few exceptions.  This means that technically yes, it is possible that you could lose your job if you have been arrested for DUI, even if the incident happened on your own time. Just how your DUI will affect your employment in Boise, Idaho depends upon the job you have, the policies your employer may have regarding arrests and convictions, and the severity of your offense.

Will Your DUI Affect Your Employment if Your Job Requires You to Drive?

If your employer requires you to drive a vehicle, then it is necessary that you advise your employer of your DUI charge immediately.  The reason for this is that you are likely facing a license suspension of 90-120 days (for your first offense) after your DUI charge. If you fail to advise your employer of the situation, then this will certainly increase the likelihood of your being fired if and when your employer learns of your DUI charge.

Will a DUI Charge Affect Your Employment if You are Not Required to Drive for Your Job?

An employee is much less likely to be fired after being arrested for a DUI if their job does not require driving.  However, if your DUI charge requires work absences due to DUI proceedings, and potential jail time, it is possible that your employer will terminate your employment.  To maximize your chances of remaining employed, you should be working with an experienced DUI attorney in Boise, Idaho who is efficient and effective, minimizing the amount of time you need to spend away from work, and an attorney who can keep you driving legally as much and as long as possible.

No matter what your job is, your supervisor or manager is surely no stranger to DUI charges.  Most people have at least one friend or family member who has been through the wringer of a DUI charge, and as long as you are a dedicated employee who does their best, most managers and supervisors will be willing to work with you.  Of course, every company is different, and different companies have different policies after reviewing an employee background check, so it’s possible to have a sympathetic manager whose hands are simply tied on the matter. Whatever the situation, a DUI lawyer can help.

Will a DUI Affect a Employee Background Check and My Ability to Get a New Job in Boise, Idaho?

When you are arrested and charged with DUI, those charges will appear on your permanent record.  When you are searching for a new job, the presence of these charges on your record could have an affect on an employee background check.  There are many websites that claim, for a fee, to be able to give you a cookie-cutter method to clear your record. However, every case is unique, and these solutions may simply not work – for best results, always consult with a DUI lawyer in Boise Idaho first.

Which Employers will Care about a DUI on Your Record?

In reality, most employers will care about your driving record and its contents.  However, there are some employers types will place a higher emphasis on a DUI charge, potentially affecting your ability to be hired or retain employment.  If you work for a company where driving is required as a part of the course of employment, where your employment includes access to a company vehicle, or if you work with children or adolescents, a DUI charge could adversely affect your employability.

Here at Boise DUI Guy, we are well versed in all the laws surrounding DUI offenses in Idaho.  Your experienced DUI lawyer will be able to advise you as to precisely what to do to minimize (or even eliminate) the charges against you, and will work with you to see your record does not have a negative impact on your future prospects if at all possible.  If you have been charged with DUI and are worried it could affect your employment, contact the Boise DUI guy today.

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