How to Beat a First DUI Charge

How to Beat a First DUI Charge

Individuals facing their first driving under the influence (DUI) charge in Idaho must be prepared and vigilant to avoid harsh legal consequences. Even first-time offenses may result in jail time, steep fines, and license suspension, which makes it essential to partner with a skilled DUI defense attorney as early as possible to stand the best chance at beating the charge.

At Trilogy Law Group, we passionately serve Idaho residents facing DUI charges. We know how overwhelming and stressful being charged with a DUI can be, and we’re here to help support you through the process and fight for your future. Our trusted defense attorneys combine extensive experience, knowledge, and skill to advocate for your best outcome in the courtroom. 

Idaho DUI Laws

For first offenses in Idaho, punishments for a DUI may include up to six months of jail time, a fine of up to $1000, a six-month license suspension, and the installation of an ignition interlock system for one year following the end of the suspension. Idaho takes DUIs seriously, and your penalties may rise depending on your blood alcohol content (BAC) or age.

BAC is the amount of alcohol within an individual’s blood, which is calculated most accurately by sending a sample of blood to a lab. It is more commonly calculated by police officers at the time of arrest using a Breathalyzer, a machine that determines an individual’s BAC. It’s illegal to drive with a BAC of 0.08 or higher. For individuals under 21, that threshold is 0.02.

Breathalyzers are often accurate, but may sometimes provide an inflated number if the machine is old, malfunctioning, or not being used properly. This may be a factor that your defense attorney considers as they build your case.

Beating the Charge

To build your strongest defense, your lawyer will assess the specific details of your case. When relevant, your attorney may argue that the officer lacked probable cause. This means the officer must have had a reasonable justification for both pulling you over and charging you with a DUI. If your attorney can prove that the charge lacked probable cause, the charge may be dismissed.

Your attorney may also argue that your field sobriety test or breathalyzer results were inaccurate. Any flaw within the way the officer handled these tests or the arrest may help strengthen your case and result in the charge being dismissed. 

Your attorney may also inform the judge of any changes you’ve made since the incident. If you attend a rehabilitation program or take other steps towards change, your attorney may advocate for a lighter sentence in light of your personal progress in remedying what happened. 

Your DUI Lawyer is Here to Help

The best way to beat your first DUI charge is by partnering with an experienced defense attorney who tailors their approach to the details of your case. At Trilogy Law Group, we’re dedicated to fighting for your future in the courtroom with a personalized plan of action. 

If you’re ready to talk to a skilled defense attorney about how to best combat your first DUI charge, reach out today at 208-968-9060 or fill in our online form for a free consultation today.

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